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Desert Combat Maps DC Fire Fight

A very nicely detailed map made to look like New York City.


Desert Combat Maps TRT Kurdish Run (DC Final)

TRT Meraker converted to Desert Combat Final


Desert Combat Maps VXF DC Fly Zone

A custom Map made by an Elite Flying team, this map include many challenges in it. Including a Half Loops that proves to be very challenging...


Desert Combat Maps Tundra Lake

This map has a version for both Desert Combat Final and original BF1942.


Desert Combat Maps DC Death Canyon

Opposition forces are launching guerilla attacks on a nearby villiage, thier route takes them through the Eastern edge of Death Canyon....


Desert Combat Maps DC Ash Sham Valley

A nice looking Desert Combat map with a few extra items thrown in including a factory from the Warfront mod.


Desert Combat Maps DCM AirWolf Modded MapPack

For those who love using the heli, the maps gives you plenty of opportunity to practice your flying skills in the snow and discover the dif...


Desert Combat Maps DC Baghdad (SP + COOP)

I simply added bots to the great Baghdad map, allowing it to be played in singleplayer. Map credit goes to LANCLAN. Have fun with the A-10 w...


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