Battlefield 1942
Eve of Destruction Maps

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
EoD Boat Rally Guest 8.99MB 3,276
Main Supply Route Lenny 9.59MB 4,773
EoD Water World Guest 12.02MB 2,550
Eod submarine convoy Guest 10.25MB 3,198
EOD Battle of Britain Guest 35KB 3,133
DaNang Th3Cleaner 10.83MB 3,150
EOD Sea Fight frenchy pixel 9.85MB 2,692
Viet Swamp Whoopu2 5.09MB 1,584
Welcome to the Jungle Guest 7.41MB 2,023
Eve Of Destruction Map Pack 1 Guest 32.84MB 4,358
B & C Maps EOD Mappack 2 Guest 28.45MB 3,881
Eod Tri-Mappack =mh=Greenbud 13.24MB 3,979
Good Morning Vietnam =BTG= Shipwreck 14.86MB 559
Island Hopping Whoopu2 12.51MB 400