Battlefield 1942
Forgotten Hope Maps

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Forgotten Hope Husky Reincarnated_NZ 25.21MB 1,804
Kuban ]chip[* Flak 8.56MB 4,895
WaW Forgotten Hope Map Pack Guest 91.14MB 12,887
Normandy_Drop Vital Pants 26.59MB 1,499
Rouen Actionan AKA Lancer 4.89MB 1,320
Normandy Drop Vital Pants 20.74MB 3,117
The Arras Somme Offensive Guest 38.32MB 1,986
FH Airbase Hamburger Hill 5.72MB 2,143
Operation Sea Lion Bumsoft 15.7MB 2,933
FH Rk_Bocage Hamburger Hill 2.43MB 934
Remagen V2 Bumsoft 19.46MB 1,875
Forgotten Hope - Ortona rrupert544 13.3MB 1,687
FH Alpine Assault 1945 Guest 7.73MB 3,109
FH Radar Post Takeout Fixed Hamburger Hill 5.22MB 683
SS Airbase Hamburger Hill 6.12MB 2,135
Forgotten Hope Map Pack Hamburger Hill 1.44MB 2,512
FN Soviet Airbase Hamburger Hill 6.78MB 965
Norwegian Resistance Battle Of The Bulge Hamburger Hill 512KB 761
FH Solomon Islands SP/Coop Hamburger Hill 1006KB 1,956
FH Afrika Tank Battle Hamburger Hill 2.71MB 2,648
FH El Volcano Hamburger Hill 2MB 1,091
FH Kursk Hamburger Hill 1.48MB 1,154
FH Omaha Beach Hamburger Hill 476KB 2,626
FH Uberdeen Hamburger Hill 286KB 836
NZEF Berlin Outskirts Reincarnated_NZ 2KB 231
FH Juno Beach muhfugga & Juno44 30.63MB 5,634
FH Kharkov Hamburger Hill 1.29MB 752
FH SS_Kharkov Hamburger Hill 3.22MB 1,237
FH Kharkov Tankbattle Hamburger Hill 5MB 1,422
FH D-Day Omaha Coop rooft0p 3.29MB 3,901
Der Bocage Revisited Two *fixed* Hamburger Hill 1.51MB 929
FH Maps by Pvtfoley Pvt.Foley 1.51MB 671
Forgotten Hope Map Pack 3 Hamburger Hill 6.74MB 2,281
FH Giza Hamburger Hill 3MB 1,260
FH Battle of Pavlov Hamburger Hill 7.26MB 2,116
FH Tundra Hamburger Hill 2.45MB 884
FH VIllage Assault Hamburger Hill 4.97MB 964
FH Rostov Hamburger Hill 623KB 942
FH Gazala Two Hamburger Hill 5.78MB 1,062
FH Town Takeover Hamburger Hill 4.15MB 918
FH Operation Wolf Hamburger Hill 1.67MB 1,314
FH War in the Pacific Hamburger Hill 6.63MB 1,067
FH Enemy at the Gates Hamburger Hill 7.76MB 2,027
FH SS Radar Post Take Out Hamburger Hill 5.38MB 959
FH Defgun Hell Hamburger Hill 4.27MB 1,192
Otolikos Normandy Mappack Client Otolikos 81.09MB 1,772
Otolikos Normandy Mappack Server Otolikos 3.4MB 297
Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 5 Server Files Forgotten Hope Devteam 4.69MB 437
Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 5 Client Files Forgotten Hope Devteam 221.88MB 8,226
FH Basewar Hamburger Hill 7.59MB 1,001
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