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Forgotten Hope Maps Winsum for Forgotten Hope

Hi all i made my first FH map. i had inspiration from some FH maps from 0.7 and FHSW. but i made the map completely myself. the...


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Forgotten Hope Maps WinsumV1.1 for Forgotten hope

this is my final version of the Winsum map for forgotten hope I also added a FHSW version (Forgotten hope Secret Weapons) ...


Forgotten Hope Maps The Gauntlet (FH0.7)

A Forgotten Hope 0.7 conversion of the map 'The Gauntlet'. Refer to the readme for the various changes.


Forgotten Hope Maps Ziggurat

A small Forgotten Hope map where the objective is simply for the US Marines to survive the onslaught! They'll need to use the terrain to th...


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Forgotten Hope Maps FH1 Campaign Maps

This is nothing special, i was just bored and i always wanted to do it so i made campaign maps for FH. There are 2 maps, europe/africa/ru...


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Forgotten Hope Maps In The Hell Of Bocage - Coop/SP

A quick and simple addition for the Forgotten Hope map 'In The Hell of Bocage-1944'. This add on allows the map to be played in Coop and Si...


Forgotten Hope Maps Tankers Hell FH

A quick conversion of the recently released Tanker's Hell map for Forgotten Hope 0.7. Now with 100% more Panther.


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