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All Files In Battlefield 1942 Mapping
Mapping MadBull's Map editing Tools

This is a great set of tool to help you edit and creat your own maps!!!! A must Get!!! Make sure you have these first: > DirectX 9....


Mapping BF1942 Map Editor 1.2

Madbull has updated his map editor! Make sure you have these first: > DirectX 9.0 or Better (click here to download) > Microsof...


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Mapping BC Trainer

This is a useful tool for creating maps with water. It will allow a user to specify the value of how big the terrain tools will be a...


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Mapping BC Terrain Tool

This is an updated and renamed version of the BC Trainer Tibmaker released a few days ago.


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Mapping Secret Weapons Files For BattleCraft

Here are the .lst and .cfg files to make maps for the Secret Weapons of World War Two demo in battlecraft '42. This inlcudes most of...


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Mapping Editor 42 0.3 Beta

Changes: * Added Object mode (F4): + It will now display static objects, control points, spawners, soldier spawns and trees. +...


Mapping BC Amm

This tool is a replacement for the auto-material mapper module in the program. It allows for more customization of the material mappi...


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Mapping Editor42

Here is the new version of Editor42. Heres a list of the bug fixes: Bug fixes: * Ground textures higher than Tx07x07 are now loaded....


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Mapping Galactic Conquest Vehicles Files for Battlecraft

Mappers rejoice, these files will allow you to place Galactic Conquest vehicles in your Battlecraft-created maps! Consult the Readme for...


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Mapping BattleGroup42 vehicle files for BattleCraft 1.1

These files will allow you to place BattleGroup42 vehicles in your Battlecraft-created maps!, this is for version 050 of BattleGroup...


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Mapping GI Joe BC Configlist

Thes are the files for battlecraft to make maps for the GI Joe mini mod which can be found here


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Mapping EoD BC42 Map Files

Hello everyone. Here is a neat little download for the talented mappers of our community out there. This file gives you all of the neccesa...


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Mapping Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor 2.1

Open beta version 2.1 of the Battlefield 1942 editor Battlecraft. Allows you to create your own maps for the game.


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Mapping FH Modding Tool Pack V1.1

Forgotten Hope Modding Tool Pack V1.1.


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Mapping Movie World Battlecraft Files 1of2

Battlecraft files for the Movie World mod. 1 of 2


Mapping Movie World Battlecraft Files 2of2

Battlecraft files for the Movie World mod 2 of 2


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Mapping Movieworld Battlecraft Patch V1.0 to 1.1

Patch for the Movieworld mod's Battlecraft files version 1.0 to 1.1


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Mapping XWW2 2.5 Mapping Tools

XWW2 2.5 mapping kit Battlecraft files: -XWWII.lst -XWWII.cfg -Standardmesh folder with all the needed samples files for lightmappin...


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Mapping DCF BattleCraft Files

The files needed to map DCF in BattleCraft 42.


Mapping BattleCraft 42 Kit Support

Pretty simple. It lets you create object spawns that spawn soldier kits by putting in a new bf1942.lst file in Battlecraft 1942. This means...


Mapping Battlefield Mac Mod Tools

A new project has emerged! Battlefield Mac Mod Tools Project! Here is a modding software similar to WinRFA, yet for a Mac.


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