Battlefield 1942

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
AfriKa Tank Battle dacrapper 1.99MB 8747
Canyon Siege Active9 25.12MB 3969
Hill 112 - *REVIEWED* Active9 34.83MB 2286
BattleGroup Battle of Britain Mod - BattleGroup 389KB 2802
BattleGroup Operation Barbarossa Mod - BattleGroup 713KB 3645
After Math Mappack AfterMath Team 34.2MB 2968
Stuntvilla 2 FP2 1.58MB 1949
Dark Stunting grounds [DJ] Clan 6.02MB 937
Liberation of Nuenen (SP & CO OP) PooGobblingSloth 26.72MB 3153
Remagen v1.0 Bumsoft 20.06MB 1900
Tarawa Bumsoft 6.87MB 1187
Der Bocage Revisited Two Hamburger Hill 3.62MB 569
TRT Map Pack 1(Silent Heroes) TRT Productions 30.54MB 2630
Sonic The Hegehog Fun Jaja69 5.22MB 17
Super Mario World Jaja69 478KB 97
Woodbury CT Ethan09 244KB 50
Landing Beach Sherman_M4 6.65MB 273
Landing Beach v1.2 Sherman_M4 7.84MB 575
Parcours Challenge dunk999999 16.61MB 260
Landing Beach Sherman_M4 7.13MB 537
TLB Air Race mod Just Kidding Productions 36.14MB 149
Xmas on the Battlefield Sherman_M4 9.69MB 297
TLB Knife Fight map Just Kidding Productions 7.01MB 128
Need For Speed 3: Home Town Jaja69 3.25MB 92
Outpost II md1032 27.28MB 51
Grand Prix xd56 2.67MB 52
Grasslands (Not Super Mario) Jaja69 4.65MB 27
Happy Saint Patrick's Day Map Jaja69 2.82MB 34
Town xd56 14.37MB 30
Island xd56 4.79MB 22
Midway - Capture the Flag Toxic Waist 790KB 4666
Aberdeen CTF Spooky 10.88MB 8928
Ring of Fire Pitmatic 16.28MB 578
Ring of Fire (bug fixed) Pitmatic 16.28MB 4856
ABF Windmill MoonQuake 10.58MB 3137
Flag Football Guest 7.27MB 1283
DC Blood Gultch Guest 7.02MB 2233
Cuttyhunk [VB]Awol 19.48MB 3018
Invasion of the Philippines CTF Server Version [VB]Awol 282KB 712
Invasion of the Philippines CTF Client Version [VB]Awol 60KB 2094
Bunkerwars Guest 8.57MB 2799
Invasion of Okinawa *FINAL* 007 23.53MB 2319
GC plains of sakiya Guest 19MB 568
Deadly Football CTF CuRe_XxCancerxX 6.8MB 564
Shima Senjou Basic 5.97MB 612
El Alamein Special Edition V11 General Schwartzkoppf 53.1MB 1320
Invasion of Okinawa v2 007 28.74MB 1342
Supply Line fizzy 21.8MB 661
Mess in the Middle Scott Schneider 7.37MB 473
Winter Storm CTF RussianComrade 111KB 346