Battlefield 1942

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
AfriKa Tank Battle dacrapper 1.99MB 8,753
Canyon Siege Active9 25.12MB 3,985
Hill 112 - *REVIEWED* Active9 34.83MB 2,306
BattleGroup Battle of Britain Mod - BattleGroup 389KB 2,803
BattleGroup Operation Barbarossa Mod - BattleGroup 713KB 3,649
After Math Mappack AfterMath Team 34.2MB 2,972
Stuntvilla 2 FP2 1.58MB 1,954
Dark Stunting grounds [DJ] Clan 6.02MB 942
Liberation of Nuenen (SP & CO OP) PooGobblingSloth 26.72MB 3,158
Remagen v1.0 Bumsoft 20.06MB 1,903
Tarawa Bumsoft 6.87MB 1,188
Der Bocage Revisited Two Hamburger Hill 3.62MB 571
TRT Map Pack 1(Silent Heroes) TRT Productions 30.54MB 2,633
Sonic The Hegehog Fun Jaja69 5.22MB 31
Super Mario World Jaja69 478KB 103
Woodbury CT Ethan09 244KB 53
Landing Beach Sherman_M4 6.65MB 283
Landing Beach v1.2 Sherman_M4 7.84MB 582
Parcours Challenge dunk999999 16.61MB 263
Landing Beach Sherman_M4 7.13MB 583
TLB Air Race mod Just Kidding Productions 36.14MB 156
Xmas on the Battlefield Sherman_M4 9.69MB 303
TLB Knife Fight map Just Kidding Productions 7.01MB 129
Need For Speed 3: Home Town Jaja69 3.25MB 103
Outpost II md1032 27.28MB 65
Grand Prix xd56 2.67MB 55
Grasslands (Not Super Mario) Jaja69 4.65MB 30
Happy Saint Patrick's Day Map Jaja69 2.82MB 38
Town xd56 14.37MB 39
Island xd56 4.79MB 23
DAGL Bridge Nights Guest 13.06MB 158
Cliffs of Insanity Guest 73.84MB 782
Great Bridge Guest 1.32MB 93
Operation Desert Falcon Guest 18.08MB 223
Operation Bagration Guest 59.39MB 506
Donner Guest 25.9MB 99
Donner Guest 53.63MB 220
D-Day Guest 130.66MB 3,950
Sandsturm Guest 26.54MB 1,005
D-Day Omaha Beach Guest 8.63MB 785
Kwai River Guest 7.88MB 628
Khirosha Guest 7.94MB 744
Crossfire Guest 11.93MB 932
Sadiz Guest 3.02MB 398
BFMod Guest 133.62MB 822
Jasiko Marsh Guest 5.65MB 648
Amel Gate Guest 16.87MB 1,114
Interstate 82 Custom Map Pack Guest 829.76MB 1,210
DC Rush Hour Guest 10.04MB 441
Ryham's FH Mappack #1 Guest 574KB 376