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All Files In Battlefield 1942 Mini-Mods
Mini-Mods Manhatten Project (1.2)

Fastlight's "Manhatten Project" An atomic bomb mod!! Hey all this is my very first mod, and fo...


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Mini-Mods El Alamein Resource

Finally!!! An El Alamein Resource Map!!! Instead of using my Spidey Sense I get to let the map do the finding. Pretty good, I've enjoyed the...


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Mini-Mods Stalingrad Resource

This is just a great idea- edit the Battlefield minimap so that it shows important resource locations like ammo boxes & health cabinets. The...


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Mini-Mods No Intro Fix

This is a replacement for the Game.rfa file that removes the intro. NOTE: You can also do this by renaming or moving all of the fi...


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Mini-Mods Blood Patch

Finally, a file that adds a high-quality blood effect to Battlefield 1942. For those of you frustrated with being uncertain whether or not y...


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Mini-Mods Blood Patch (Auto-Installer)

Same thing as M.D.K.'s Blood Patch but with one distinct difference - this one will do the installing and uninstalling (wh...


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Mini-Mods Major's Blood v1.0

Our very own Major Lee has gone and made his own blood file for Battlefield 1942.I would just use the blood patch, but its blood look...


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Mini-Mods External Soldier View

This handy file will give you the full range of camera views while you're running around as a soldier, very useful in single player for che...


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Mini-Mods Gleeman's New FX

Just a small mod by Gleeman that adds some flashy new effects to Battlefield, like modified particle effects for the Axis and Allied grenade...


Mini-Mods Apache Wars for Desert Combat

Fastlights Apache War A mini-mod for Desert Combat First off I would like to thank the Desert Com...


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Mini-Mods Berlin Resource

This will alter Berlin's Minimap to include Health and Ammo regeneration points on the map.


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Mini-Mods BF Intro Replacement

A nice movie of a guy in a WW2 Era plane, however it's a tad short...


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Mini-Mods Action BattleField 1942

This is a nice mod, release by MoonQuake!!! I adds a lot more action(duh!) to the game, like faster jeeps, more powerful planes etc... Rea...


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Mini-Mods Heavy Bombardment MOD!!!

This is a Exclusive!!! Coolcommander has sent us his new mod: Heavy Bombardment before anyone else!!! This mod is just


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Mini-Mods Iwo Jima Supply Point Minimap

Adds locations for medical stations and ammo dumps onto the minimap similar to the Stalingrad resource map.


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Mini-Mods Tobruk Supply Point Minimap

This changes the in-game overhead map to show where the ammunition and medical supply points are located. I made this map in the styl...


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Mini-Mods Bocage Plus(1.2)

This is basically the retail version of Bocage with alterations made to the vehicle stats and placement.


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Mini-Mods ADCAP Destroyer

This file adds an AA-Destroyer next to most normal destroyers. The original ships stay in place, so there are two destroyers instead of one...


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Mini-Mods Heavy Bombardment v1.1 (for v1.2)

Here it IS!!!! CoolCommander is at it Again!!! This time he updated the ever popular Heavy Bombardment mod to version 1.1 WHICH WORKS FOR...


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Mini-Mods Bocage Plus Final(1.2)

Kamikazee Driver's FINAL version of BocagePlus. Willy2000s & Kubel2000's have Nitrous (altFire) and PureNitrous (Fire) The nitrous enable...


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Mini-Mods Berlin Jeeps & Kubels FINAL(1.2)

Another mini-mod from Kamikazee Driver. This is the final update to his Berlin map. Jeeps & Kubels have 2 MG's per vehicle & are stro...


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Mini-Mods Historic Stalingrad (1.2)

Here it is-new Historic Stalingrad Mod for version 1.2 This mod is designed for Stalingrad map only,mostly for singleplayer or multiplayer...


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Mini-Mods Bullet Mod (v1.1)

This is a Bullet Mod which makes the Bullets Visable in-game! "Bullet Mod does not effect the actual physics of the bullet, it only...


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For Battlefield v.1.1 Description: This is a mod for those who dont mind getting gunned down... often.. every weapon and vehicle has be...


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