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Miscellaneous Gamevoice Battlefield 1942 Profile

Have no fear, Gamevoice users, X-Bones has gone to the trouble of creating and sharing his Gamevoice profile with us. Download it now so the...


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Miscellaneous RFA Extractor v1.0

Alright modders, its time to get to work, v1.0 of the RFA extractor is out and it works with the retail! Just start the program and ope...


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Miscellaneous RFA Extractor v1.1

Here is the new version of the RFA extractor. To run this application you'll have to install the .NET Framework created by Microsoft. You ca...


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Miscellaneous Unofficial BF SDK

This is a Unofficial SDK tools set containing most of the tools available to us at this time. INCLUDED: -Rfa extractor 1.1 -batch .dd...


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Miscellaneous Make RFA *BETA*

Ahh yes, we now have the means to make a RFA file and do things a little more proper. A quick bit from the read me: "This program requ...


Miscellaneous Botnames2

EA/DICE Bot Names version 2.0 March 3, 2003 by HeadHunter - [email protected] This mod will change the na...


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Miscellaneous Unofficial SDK 2

Yes it's here! Another Unofficial SDK by Rexman. This little zip contains most of the things you'll need to successfully mod BF! Thanks Rexm...


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Miscellaneous Action Mod Loader

This File will load and unload the Action Mod by MoonQuake, make life that much simpler.


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Miscellaneous BF1942 Strategy Manager v1.0

The BF1942 Strategy Manager is a very simple system which combines miniature pictures of every vehicle in BF1942 along with blown up maps...


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Miscellaneous Strategy Manager V1.4

This is a simple and easy way to set up strategies for competative (or not) BF1942 Games. Ever spend hours of practicing what you and...


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Miscellaneous Rat 0.5.0

A nice .rfa extractor!!! 1 file, no .Net, can't ask for more than that?!?!


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Miscellaneous Gamecommander profile for Battlefield 1942

Thanks for downloading and using my Gamecommander 2 Battlefield 1942 Profile .. This can be used to issue the ingame commands via...


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Miscellaneous EA/DICE Bot Names

This mod will change the names for your bots. I have used the first and last names of many of the EA and DICE people who worked on t...


Miscellaneous Bot Names version 3.0

EA/DICE Bot Names version 3.0 March 7, 2003 by HeadHunter - [email protected] UPDATED 3/7/03 FOR...


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Miscellaneous Pcon

Quote: This utility reads a vehicle's .con files (objects.con, geomet...


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Miscellaneous bfedit 3.0.3

This great .con editor makes it much easier to edit them .con files for modification. This new version fixes a lot of bugs from previously v...


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Miscellaneous BFStats

BFStats is a small tool, written in the Java programming language and therefore platform independent (can be used on both Linux and W...


Miscellaneous Editor42

Editor42 is now out and available for download. Please understand this version has a lot of bugs and could possibly not work with som...


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Miscellaneous IRC-Bot

This tool able to relay all information from a match to any IRC-Channel and thus enabling the public to follow the match if there is no shou...


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Miscellaneous Modchooser

The ModChooser lists all installed mods from an Battlefield Game folder of your choice. You can start a mod with this tool, the ModCh...


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Miscellaneous Modchooser V2

Fixies bug that crashes program


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Miscellaneous BF42 IRCbot beta 12

With this program you can broadcast a game into the IRC. You think its a joke? No thats real :). In other games such a program is sta...


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Miscellaneous Col. Cruachans RFA Explorer

Browse BF1942 RFA's with a Windows-like interface. Drag and Drop RFA's and Archived files in and out of the tool. Play .wav fil...


Miscellaneous BattleLoader V1.0

This is one very useful program if you have too many mods! Also its very useful if you don't know how to make shortcuts for your mods. J...


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