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Others City Hall model

This new city hall model is based on the recently released train station model but show a huge texture update to make it look like just a ce...


Others Iron Bridges

These new bridge models feature a set of 2 iron bridges which are based on the bridge of Remagen. Mappers, check this out ;)


Others Outpost

This new outpost by smig was taken directly from a Russian arena and should be a well worthy addition for every mapper to his collection. Ch...


Others Saipan Gate

This is a traditional Japanese Saipan gate for every mapper's model collection. Can't wait to see a map comming out with it;)


Others Locomotive model

Smig has done it again, this time with a great new locomotive model. Mappers, check this out, hope to see it in a new map soon!:)


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Others Tools Set

This package features a new axe and a new shovel model to include into new maps. Expect more by smig soon again, and great job :)


Others Dashboard

This is the separate model of the highly detailed dashboard included in Smig's locomotive model. Awsome job man :)


Others Locomotive model

The new locomotive set by Smig includes a diesel and a steam type locomotive. All I can say is, this is definatly a must-download again, so...


Others Train Station Model

Thanks to all of those that gave some feedback, here is now the final train station model by Smig. Please note that this model is not design...


Others Clocktower Model

And once more Smig has done it again, this time he made a model of a typical city clocktower. Unlike his previous release the clocktower act...


Others Coal Locomotive Set

Another update by Smig, this set includes 2 locomotive models completly with two separately installable coal wagons. The models are designed...


Others City Hall model

This is version 2 of Smig's recently released City Hall model and features upgraded original textures as well as a completly new texture se...


Others BF1942 IronBridges

This is a set of 4 Iron Bridges These bridges are based on parts of the huge Remagen Bridge Two bridges are all iron, for trains or to pla...


Others BF1942 Stone Pool Model

Smig is at it again! This time he's sent us in a model of a stone pool.


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Planes Sky Hawk

This is a helicopter model.. This only works in Single Player at the moment...


Planes Plane Models

-For use with 3d Studio Max (all versions I believe) -No installation -Just Unzip, click on which plane you want and 3dSMax ope...


Planes Plane Model Pictures

For use with 3d Studio Max or Gmax, These planes need coding done and some Skins if you want to insert them into BF and if any of you guys d...


Soldiers Spyd3rs DC Camo Skinpack

Spyd3r has sent in some first class DC player skins, check out the screens! Here's all the work I have done in the last month....


No Screenshot
Vehicles Swimmagen

Hehe! It seems people can't get enough of Land/Sea vehicles, and this is the latest in this trend. It's a very nice design, and has a...


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Vehicles Republic Gunship V2

Great addon, replaces the Japanese Aichi Val with a Star Wars Republic Gunship with cargo space for troops!


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Vehicles Tiger Walker

This MOD will change Tiger to a walking monster.


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Weapons M1 Garand

The first weapon model for BF1942 isn't terribly detailed, but it's good nonetheless. Have a look:


No Screenshot
Weapons M1 Garand

A new version of the M1 mod that fixes the previous sound problems and includes a re-skin done by Lobo. :D


Weapons M14, M21 and M21 Camo Models

Hello. I have created a M21, M21 Camouflaged and M14. A great inspiration has been: Call of Duty 4 and Black Hawk Down. I made these mai...


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