Battlefield 1942

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Urban Desert Combat (Mac Client Files) BumbleBee 141.07MB 138
Battlefield 40k Client Files [bf40k]Fireball 345.11MB 2,042
Battlefield 40k Linux Server [bf40k]Fireball 16.11MB 137
Battlefield High Definition v1.0.1 Patch Lieutenant_Clone 2.09MB 1,163
Battlefield: High Definition v1.0 Client & Server Lieutenant_Clone 44.02MB 5,121
Urban Desert Combat Server Files BumbleBee 39.28MB 65
Urban Desert Combat (Client Files for Windows) BumbleBee 122.25MB 330
DesertCombat v.38 Mod Guest 326.75MB 252,366
droracers_1_0b.exe Guest 124KB 1,187 Guest 57KB 755
interstateA1.exe Guest 200.98MB 39,413
GCMOD0.1b-0.1c.exe Guest 26.28MB 29,386
Forgotten Hope v0.5 Guest 429.62MB 159,044
Forgotten Hope v0.5 Map Pack Guest 82.54MB 107,737
forgotten_hope_v05c_to_v05d_update.exe Guest 1.76MB 28,633
forgotten_hope_v05b_to_v05c_update.exe Guest 101.49MB 58,933
Forgotten Hope 0.5d to 0.5E Hotfix Guest 13.39MB 3,501 Guest 1.74MB 9
instagib_v16.exe Guest 112KB 13 Guest 6KB 20 Guest 10.26MB 492 Guest 4.51MB 1,943
DesertCombat 0.6F Server [Linux] Guest 12.04MB 561
Pirates - New Domes Of Doom Map Guest 8.54MB 852
Experience_WW2 Windows Server Guest 14.11MB 133
Experience_WW2 Linux Server Guest 19.46MB 11
Kill Saddam 3D Guest 2.05MB 233
DC.6F Battlecraft Files Guest 8KB 1,242
Odd Mod Guest 380KB 538
Home Front Beta .11 Update Guest 11.34MB 1,569
Empires Mod: Barrels Video Guest 4.1MB 381
Scoreboard Fix for Desert Combat Guest 6.47MB 3,484
Galactic Conquest Extended Guest 227KB 5,485
Conflict in Somalia RC 2 Guest 15.74MB 1,412
BF Stunts v0.2c Guest 1.28MB 1,440
Desert Combat Mod v0.7 Full Guest 591.28MB 1,391,136
Desert Combat .7 Server Install (Win) Guest 27.01MB 5,474
BF Stunting Mod v.2d Guest 1.34MB 2,837
Dogfighting Guest 7.9MB 1,671
EOD Battlecraft Files Guest 7KB 279
DC Island Raid Map v1.0 Guest 19.27MB 3,387
Desert Combat Movie Edition Guest 13.04MB 1,958
Forgotten Hope 0.61 Mod Update Guest 44.83MB 32,276
Eve Of Destruction v0.31 Dedicated Linux Server Guest 27.87MB 12
Silent Heroes .030 (Server) Guest 15.69MB 60
Battlefield: Pirates Music Pack Guest 16.83MB 107
Battlefield 1918 v1.0 (English) Guest 296.77MB 6,102
Battlefield 1918 Server v1.0 Guest 25.81MB 78
Siege v.32 Guest 34.2MB 4,778
Empires 0.2 Server Guest 11.62MB 471