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All Files In Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer
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Multiplayer Market Garden CTF

This mod will enable CTF play on Market Garden.


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Multiplayer Omaha Beach - CTF

AWOL writes: I made this to bring ctf functionality to the Omaha Beach map :(No Screen Shots given:( ( I'll load i...


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Multiplayer BF1942 Demo Mod

From the Readme: This will add vehicle modifications to the battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo...Such as: engineer spawns a Katw...


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Multiplayer Tobruk CTF (1.2)

- CTF on Tobruk - With jeeps/kubelwagens replacing the light tanks at the center bases - Radio/voice commands appear in yellow (mat...


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Multiplayer Desert Combat - Road To Rome

General Nibbler has fixed the DC RTR files to be fully compatible with RTR Maps.


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Multiplayer DC RTR Fix ver.1.1

Bugs Fixed You can now see the maps on the dedicatedserver.exe did not check any of the other server managers or on lunix i have...


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Multiplayer Desert Combat Extended

Sorry for the delay, but here it is, DCX 7.1 . DL and enjoy. Theres no screens or anything, but heres a bit of an overview of what DCX does....


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Multiplayer BF1942 5vs5 Infantry Mod

This is a 5v5 infantry competition mod designed for TeamWarfare's 5v5 League. Several all new maps converted for smooth infantry gameplay s...


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Multiplayer Norwegian Resistance Linux Server Files

This will let you create servers for the new version of the Norwegian Resistance Mod.


Multiplayer SnipeCat94'mulriplayer demo mod

its a funny mod with that you can see very for a high score;-)


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