Battlefield 1942
Multiple Game Types

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Melk's Iwo Jima Panadell 12.02MB 5178
A Bridge Too Far Lighteye 9.14MB 5398
Aircraft Wake Gleeman 9.64MB 7262
Aircraft Midway Gleeman 104KB 9297
Wake Evenings MoonQuake 12.36MB 9730
Aircraft Wake v2.0 Gleeman 4.25MB 10213
Aircraft Wake v2.01 Gleeman 2.34MB 2351
Berlin: Jeeps & Kugels map Kamikazee Driver 5.23MB 2782
Aircraft Wake MOD version 3.6 for (bf1942 v1.2) Gleeman 1.77MB 2515
Wake Evenings (1.2) MoonQuake 12.34MB 8890
Remagen (1.2) [EsP]187 12.28MB 6904
Fish River Schwebepanzer 13.69MB 5384
Xhaos Rift Map Neutron7 34.35MB 5652
Trench Fight *Renamed* Ken 5.46MB 314
DC Bora V1.8.1 Cyberyann 29.46MB 542
Karkov Winter Multimadman 20.88MB 2812
Battle of Caen Map Kiosk 10.98MB 7446
Longest Day - Omaha Beach JReynolds 10.18MB 5022
Operation Battleaxe Green Guest 8.72MB 1013
The Great Berlin Flood 1.0 Soldier6644 7.71MB 593
Mad Modder's "For God and Country" v1.31.1 The.Mad.Modder 41.84MB 2778
NB Pearl Harbor NBVass 19.52MB 5540
NB Pearl Harbor 2 NBVass 19.52MB 13966
El Volcano GeistMann 1.45MB 2163
NB Berlin Munch 21.99MB 2381
Embryo Island Bish 14.87MB 1830
Border War BlackJack 11.85MB 1103
Marine Basis Guest 5.49MB 1233
Fort Meigs Guest 8.87MB 701
Prophecy Beach Guest 15.24MB 877
Barbarossa Guest 13.23MB 4308
Savo Island Cypher1942 2.41MB 1718
Serenity Guest 18.08MB 517
Omaha Beach HARD GeistMann 481KB 4553
Fort Meigs V2 Guest 8.87MB 2091
Point Du Hoc Player version Cpl Reynolds 12.73MB 1770
Point Du Hoc Server version Cpl Reynolds 543KB 235
Lolled Stunt Map Zapa Fett 9.3MB 1862
Bocage Revisited Guest 16.25MB 1350
City Assault Guest 10.64MB 1751
Air Attack *REVIEWDED* Guest 207KB 2776
Trench Warfare-*REVIEWED* Guest 1.73MB 648
J3rkfish City {98th}J3rkfish 3.72MB 534
Neovlad-Dereliction csab.dread 8.7MB 758
Wilson Isle-*REVIEWED* {98th}J3rkfish 5.27MB 577
Day Of Death Chubbs *82nd AC* 4.01MB 1078
Bora Cyberyann 30.91MB 1260
Holland Jump {98th}J3rkfish 4.41MB 1008
Urban Combat {98th}Axel 4.69MB 1116
Northway Park =BOS=Hoolak 6.03MB 705