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Others Win32 Stand Alone Server - 1.3.1

Here is the Win32 Stand Alone Server Its the long awaited patch!!! Here is what it does: Network/Server FixesWe fixed a crash in...


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Others Battlecraft 1942 (Map Editor)

Make maps like Dice does!!! Woohoo!!! You must have the new patch (v.1.4) Battlefield 1942 Full Patch v1.4 [file="...


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Others Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor Samples

Here are some samples to get you started with the Battlecraft 1942 Map Editor.


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Others BattleCraft Readme

Apparently the included readme was is another copy of it. You can either download it or copy & paste


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Others Battlecraft 1942

Changes in this version, from the Internal Guide: New Tools Surface Map Painter-- a new mapper-style tool, enabling you to pain...


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Others Mod Development Toolkit

The Mod Development Toolkit v.9a is ready for open beta testing. The MDT introduces tools and guides for both the beginning and advan...


Others Battlecraft 1942 v. 2.0

Electronic Arts and the Battlefield team has been hard at work getting a new version of the Battlefield 1942 map editor completed. We prese...


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Others Mod Development Kit

This new update includes many fixes to version 1.0a as well as introducing support for the free graphics program, gmax. gmax is a fre...


Others Battlefield Vietnam Dedicated server files

Well here it is the dedicated windows server files so server admins get these and get those servers up and running cause here we come...



Hey Soldiers! Check Out The BF MC Videos These Are Sweet Graphics Are Not Bad For PS2


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Others BF1942 Match Mappack V1.0

The initial idea behind this mappack was to futher expand the Battlefield 1942 universe with four more high quality maps, one from each of t...


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