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Others Canadian Allied Flag

Heres a flag for all you Canucks out there :D It just appears to change the flag at the top of the pole and not the ones above the map et...


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Others Flaggenpatch

This pack has 3 flags that are a little more historically correct for the germans. I know alot of people have requested these so here ya...


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Others Pirate Flag Skin

These are some really cool skins! They change all the flags to pirate flags, each flag was changed to a diffrent pirate flas as well! Ver...


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Others AZAG-THOTH Skins

Heres some pretty cool wespe and corsair skins. Check em out.


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Others Chrome Defgun

Another chrome skin for yall. Probably need a chrome section heh... Anyway this ones the defgun.


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Others Golden Wrench

Not only does this wrench have the power of Gold on its side, It's adorned by the magical word "Craftsman"! One would expect that rep...


Others Manitoban Flag Set

Here's my new skin so after someone asked me, I've created the Manitoban Flag skin so all I did was replacing the Québec flag (wic...


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Others Maj. Lee Fahkin High's Chrome Wrench

A nice chrome skin by our very own Maj. Lee Fahkin High. Here's a bigger pic:


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Others Tobruks Skull Sun

Well this is new... :D Rezner's gone and placed a Skull decal on Tobruk's sun :D See for yourself:


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Others Camo Binoculars

Even though I see no point in having your Binocs. camoflauged while you're not (hehe... :D ), They look nice nonetheless. Have a look:...


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Others CC's Rusty Pack

Just in case you're worried simply cutting your enemy won't be enough, you can add the possibility of infection by carrying around this horr...


Others Ultimate Flag Set

This will replace the American and British flags with a Quebec Flag. Replaces the German flag by another Nazi flag and replaces the Japanes...


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Others Angel of Death

This is a nice bloody statue by Azag-Thoth


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Others BF1942 GameSpy Skin

This is a skin for gamespy, changing the Look and Feel to a more wartime experience: Announcing: Battlefield 1942 Arcade Skin The f...


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Others Hospital Of The Damned

This is a very nice skin by Devil. This bloody hospital does look scary. The bed is bloody with the walls looks pretty cool. Get it if u lik...


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Others Hospital Of The Damned *Wall Update*

A very nice skin for a building. Makes it look much more genuine!


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Others Nazi Building Skin

This is pretty sweet. A building skin with some Nazi flags on it. Cool


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Others Broken Teeth Skin

This is a Skin that Changes the Teeth of the Soldiers. Anyone have a dentist??


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Others Nazi Church

This Great Skin Places Nazi Flags on the Churches!


Others "Latrine" door label

Ever run around on a ship doing the "Pee-Pee" dance and couldn't find the toliet? Well...this skin will label the ships door so you can fin...


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Others Anzacmicks Aussie Flags

Anzacmicks 2nd A.I.F Australian Mod 12/DEC/02 Aussie flags Made to complement


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Others New Health & Ammo Bars

Give your health and ammo indicators a whole new look!


Others Warlord's Historic Flagpatch v1.1

Thank you for downloading my new skin for Battlefield 1942! -1- Skin: - WarLord's Historical Flagpatch V.1.1 - Team: Axis (Ge...


Others Berlin Buildings v1.2

Extract all contents to C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\TextureSets\BF1942\berlin. this as promised is the new an...


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