Battlefield 1942

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Walk like an Egyption fabtalavista 10.32MB 2,126
Battle of Bilston Dedicated server release Perfectionist 8.69MB 636
Jeep Race [ExP]Xylicon 2.39MB 1,991
Jeep Race PS445 4.24MB 1,475
DC Humvee Rally [Lava]TheOne 6.79MB 1,606
Day At Races ReBorn-GG- 8.91MB 1,224
BFP Blackbeards Booty Capt. Guy Smiley 2.81MB 662
Huertgen Forest for Battlegroup 42 Waxx 11.51MB 1,440
Rally Race Mike 2.74MB 771
Battle Of Stirling Megaraptor 2.07MB 1,303
Imperial Invasion GOD_AM 34.87MB 1,300
DPV Rally [Lava]TheOne 11.09MB 1,493
TLB Air Race Pappy Boyington 35.36MB 1,697
Airborne Training Map Guest 337KB 2,093
The Swamp -Bugfix Patch Greenbud (use hayabusa only) 30KB 497
BFPirates_Dome_of_Doom Mod - Battlefield Pirates 8.47MB 1,262
XWW II map-pack XWW2 Dev team 181.19MB 11,867
Survivor island Guest 4.53MB 366
Argon forest Guest 3.5MB 724
Silent Heroes mappack(unofficial) Guest 43.44MB 1,298
Crow's Pass Custom Map Guest 38.45MB 531
Stuntvilla sPro clan 11.15MB 4,780
bf1918serverwin13 Guest 28.84MB 359
Stunt Islands Final [DJ]RoadKill 31.86MB 864
Fun Land 2 Stunt Map Chris Stephenson 17.73MB 1,012
Gamers Radio Friday Night Fights Map-Pack GamersRadio 83.48MB 193
Gifujyou Sengoku Devs 19.7MB 317
DCX Battle Damage Arooster 13.25MB 340
Alsmappack [TeamFHA] 209.18MB 678
Easy Race TheFlyingCorpse 22.47MB 288
Funland 2005 Mazrim Taim 1.31MB 427
21CW Jungle River TheOne 10.73MB 282
BFPro Soviet Airbase Hamburger Hill 6.85MB 334
Interstate - The Crater Rampage 10.59MB 307
Interstate - Brownfield Rampage 35.78MB 373
XWW2 The Thin Red Line Pvt.Foley 3.24MB 316
Warfront D-Day Omaha Coop rooft0p 3.03MB 1,346
BG42 Operation Tractable Kiosk 11.35MB 409
Stunting Grounds V0.26 Pilot 51 7.71MB 382
Stunt Mappack Guest 54.58MB 1,477
Sebstinator's Death-Bubble Maps SeBsTiNaToR 37KB 200
Warfront - Polder Battle 3.81MB 205
Operation Red Sun Movie Files AngryAmoeba 807KB 142
Transformers Flat Count Chocula 6MB 338
Super Stunt Licious Guest 3.28MB 324
BF 1918 Argon Forest Hamburger Hill 1.12MB 830
BF1942 Jeep Race Bsfoltz 3.51MB 826
Pacific Battle Scott Schneider 3MB 597
Interstate - Oh My Godzilla Shrooms 12.83MB 507
Infantry Map Pack #1 NATTY-2005 87.1MB 490
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