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Others Walk like an Egyption

its an african map, in a fictitious egyption landscape. the sphinx and the tall pyramids are part of the gameplay. it requires at...


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Others Battle of Bilston Dedicated server release

DEDICATED SERVER RELEASE Perfectionist Custom Level Design - Custom Levels for Battlefield 1942 MAP #1 BATTLE OF BILSTON -...


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Others Jeep Race

As the title suggests, an off-road race for Kubelwagons.


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Others Jeep Race

Jeep Race, is well, a jeep race! Used mainly for racing, this map features a little bit of everything.


Others DC Humvee Rally

This map was made mainly for Humvee racing, although it has Opposition and Coalition bases and capturable flag points and vehicles...


Others Day At Races

Its designed so that allies only spawn at race start/finish... but there is an axis spawn which is in the hills (no base just dumpe...


Others BFP Blackbeards Booty

On one of your recent excursions to your favorite tavern you met a man that claimed to have a map to one of Blackbeard's secret ca...


Others Huertgen Forest for Battlegroup 42

This map is based on the battle of Huertgen Forest which occurred from September 14 to December 13, 1944. Huertgen Forest is locate...


Others Rally Race

Hello, and thank you for downloading my map "Rallyrace" This is my very first map, and I'm quite happy with it. This map, is what...


Others Battle Of Stirling

Info: This map is a "makeover" of Dice's Kursk for the Siege Mod. It was inspired by the Battle of Stirling in the movie "Brav...


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Others Imperial Invasion

This is a map for the bf1942 GCMOD. It is a beta map and needs testing/opinions. There are 2 main uncapturable bases and 4 captureabl...


Others DPV Rally

We all knew this was coming... Like Humvee Rally, race around the track capturing flags as you go. Both the Coalition and Oppositio...


Others TLB Air Race

A fast and exciting way to race! Get the clan together and set out your own rules for the race, whether you allow any gunfire or not,...


Others Airborne Training Map

Here is my little map. it is still only a beta, so i will not post any screenshots. the map is a training map made for my clan "r...


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Others The Swamp -Bugfix Patch

Greenbud made a small boo boo, and was quick to catch it. Install this to make his map work correctly. :)


Others BFPirates_Dome_of_Doom

Here is the virus free version of this awesome map.


Others XWW II map-pack

This is the new map-pack from our friends at XWW II. Go get it..


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Others Survivor island

A jeep race map with two outposts to capture. High ticket ratios, interesting track, and a sixty minute time limit that all equals fun.


Others Argon forest

This World War I map takes place in the Argon Forest, where trench warfare is the name of this game, and your enemies trench is only a gren...


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Others Silent Heroes mappack(unofficial)

A Silent Heroes map pack that includes nine converted Battlefield 1942 maps. (Kursk, Bocage, Operation Market Garden, Stalingrad, Berlin, B...


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Others Crow's Pass Custom Map

Hey everyone its DDDandrew! I have an awesome map here submitted by Sheep, and here is what he has to say: Premise: British int...


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Others Stuntvilla

Check out another great addition from the stuntPro Clan. This is for the Stunt Mod. Have fun with this map. Look at the screenshots. Soldier...


Others bf1918serverwin13

This is the new 1.3 version Server file , will update the client version shortly, Looks pretty cool looking forward to playing it ...enjoy


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Others Fragged Nation Map-Pack

Hey there soldiers! Well, not only do we have a great map pack for you today, but we also have our 2000th file! Yup, thats right, BF1942Fi...


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