Battlefield 1942

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
DC Extended .39k Temp 1.45 Patch JD777 109KB 970
Berlin Mod Temp. 1.45 Patch JD777 105KB 280
DC Menu Fix for BF 1.6 Zeuser 6.46MB 7,862
G.I. Joe Patch for 1.0 Aphilla 6.5MB 599
Mod Collection RtR BonusPack Recruit Snyder 3.3MB 760
DC Texture Set Missing File HeadHunter 2KB 1,394
Action Battlefield Patch Mod - Action Battlefield 19.99MB 1,612
Finn Wars Modification Patch Finn Wars Dev team 53.15MB 435
Aberdeen Desert Combat Patch Slackin 19KB 2,510
Desert Combat CTF Patch Guest 17KB 1,498
Eve Of Destruction EOD Dev Team 828KB 5,423
Experience WWII - Dog Green Patch S9RM Dev Team 7.49MB 2,833
CIS 02a Patch Conflict In Somalia Dev Team 6.62MB 706
EoD Menu Fix EOD Dev Team 6.77MB 1,534
Galactic Conquest 0.1b Update Patch Galactic Conquest 7.14MB 15,868
DesertCombat Alpha - Patch Desert Combat Team 223.82MB 163,365
Desert Combat - Road To Rome Turner 1.79MB 2,287
HydroRacers 1.0a patch HydroRacers Team 124KB 885
HydroRacers HydroRacers Team 124KB 1,140
Battlefield Grand Prix Mod - Crashfix Col Mugworth 95KB 1,634
Action Battlefield patch MoonQuake 22.36MB 4,074
HydroRacers 1.0c Patch HydroRacers Team 204KB 2,355
EOD Target Practice Temp. 1.45 Patch JD777 113KB 975
RTR Collection Temp. 1.45 Patch JD777 111KB 265
BONUS RTR Temp 1.45 Patch JD777 112KB 281
Dirty Weapons Pack Temp 1.45 patch JD777 112KB 368
Battlefield Dogfight Mod Jamma 11KB 754
GC Target Pratice Temp 1.45 Patch JD777 110KB 506
Dc Apache Wars Temp 1.45 Patch JD777 106KB 492
Bocage PLUS Final Temp. 1.45 Patch JD777 106KB 340
Eve Of Destruction Patch EOD Dev Team 6.07MB 8,203
Eve Of Destruction .21 Target Practice EOD Dev Team 1.2MB 3,408
Forgotten Hope Dedicated Server Patch .5b to .5c Mod - Forgotten Hope 19.58MB 1,009
Desert Combat .4 CTF fix for El Alamein _DOA_GRUNGIR 8KB 797
Essential Files for DC .4j Lord Nader 522KB 2,473
Essential Files for DC .4j Lord Nader 527KB 540
Siege Mod Siege Mod 3.04MB 2,346
Essential DC .4j Files Lord Nader 528KB 987
Galactic Conquest .01d Galactic Conquest 132KB 3,167
Action BF 1.151 Patch MoonQuake 593KB 3,034
Action BF 1.151 Linux Server Patch MoonQuake 235KB 214
DesertCombat 0.5 SoundFix Highway (DCTeam) 73.05MB 1,997
DESERT COMBAT CLIENT PATCH Desert Combat Team 239.52MB 39,212
Desert Combat windows server side only Desert Combat Team 12.17MB 2,066
Next Threat patch Next Threat Dev Team 72.4MB 1,286
The Great War Modification The Great War mod 2.61MB 1,905
Silent Heroes incremental patch Silent Heroes Dev 128.73MB 3,647
Empires patch Empires mod team 4.08MB 1,986
Homefront patch Home Front Dev 11.33MB 2,718
Silent Heroes patch Silent Heroes Dev 73.76MB 1,836
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