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FAQs Panzamans' Tank Tutorial (1.2)

Panzaman has rewritten & resubmitted a Tank Tutorial for v1.2


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Walkthroughs Advanced Battlecraft Video Tutorial

This video is an advanced tutorial for Battlecraft. The video shows how to place custom objects in your custom map. The Interstate Mod is...


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Walkthroughs Basic Battlecraft Video Tutorial

This video is a basic video tutorial for battlecraft 1942. It explains how to make a map with basic skills, placing objects, spawnpoints, st...


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Miscellaneous Larkum BF1942 TankData Document

This Doc by Larkum details everything you want to know about tanks, inluding: Armor Penetration Reload Times Historical Accuracy A beau...


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Miscellaneous Skinning Tutorial by PorkNBeans

Note: I fixed it, the file corupted during upload, Sorry PorkNBeans :( All I have to say is WOW!!! You rock PorkNBeans :rock: This Tuto...


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Miscellaneous Sniping Guide

This is a Battlefield 1942 Sniping Guide by Princess_Frostys’


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Miscellaneous Idiots Guide To Kamikaze

Hey, I was playing around with my kamakazie skills, and got bored and wrote a manual, one of my many to be manuals, lol @ the cove...


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Miscellaneous Princess Frosty's Sniper Guide - UPDATED 1.3

Princess Frost updated the Sniper Guide!!! A very good, very thorough guide. I reccomend it to Anyone, a Newbie, to a Pro. Check it out :...


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Miscellaneous Server Manager 2 Guide

This file is a guide for Server Manager 2. It is 36 pages long and you will need Adobe Acrobet Reader to read this guide.


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Miscellaneous BF1942 Flying Tutorial

This is a flying guide for Battlefield 1942. I had some spare time so I came up with this. Mike Wittmer [email protected] Send...