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Vehicles Jeep Mod (RFA)

This is the same thing that the other two jeep files posted were. It adds a machine gun to the back of the jeeps, except this version is...


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Vehicles Allied Mobile Anti-Aircraft

The other day i put an AA gun ontop of an Apc becaue I just hated the airplanes bombing me every time i got in to a tank, but i c...


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Vehicles Hanomag Anti-Tank

It's high time someone put those tanks in their place and now you can with Recruit Snyder's Hanomag Anti-Tank.Hanomag Anti Tank (with...


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Vehicles The Immolator

The full version of Colonel Slaine's portable AA gun has arrived! Installation instructions, etc can be found in the Readme (Duh ;) ), but...


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Vehicles HanoMag AT 75mm - RFA

This is the RFA edition of Recruit Snyder's HanoMag AT. Its got a 75mm Tank gun mounted ontop. Serious Kick @$$!!! he even gave us some...


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Vehicles Plane Guns

This is a NICE Mod, it adds more guns to some Planes.


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Vehicles CC's Wet Willy/Kubelwagen

Heh...This is new :D It's a jeep with a fin on it lol. It replaces the Kubelwagon/Willy in-game, and can hold 4 people instead of 2 and...


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Vehicles Rockets For Planes Mod

From the Readme: This mod is specially designed for dogfights and gives rockets to the Mustang,Me109,Spitfire(2 rockets),Corsair and...


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Vehicles M3A1WP

This Mod Changes the APC into a HUGE offensive Anti-personel Weapon. Its a moving ball of guns!!! Plus, if the guns weren't enough, its go...


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Vehicles M3A1 Ambulance / Ammo Carrier

What I wouldn't give to see one of these rolling toward me after a hard battle!!! This Mod makes the M1A3 APC into a sort of Ambulance/Armo...


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Vehicles ADCAP Carrier

This clever Mod adds more planes, including a B-17, and a jeep, to the carriers. :rock:


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Vehicles Improved Destroyer

Now this is a good idea... It replaces those weak Brownings on the Frigate with quad AA guns. Hoo-Doggy! The frigate just got 10 times...


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Vehicles immolator_mkII

Hot Sh*t, I love it, a flak on a M-10. Check it out.


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Vehicles M3 Rocket Jock

A nice little Mod right here.


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Vehicles ME109Flak

No screenshots, but read the readme to see if you want to download this file!


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Vehicles Navy Sherman

Man, this rox. A Sherman that not only can raise hell on land, but can also raise hell on water!


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Vehicles TruckerAA

A nice Mobile AA vehicle :) Looks fun... Screenies:


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Vehicles Colonel Slaine's Airplane Gun Mod

This mod give's the planes a more realistic gun load-out. Pretty Sweet... Screenies:


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Vehicles Stuka AntiTank

As the name would entail, this changes the Stuka into a deadly Tank Killer.


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Vehicles Ju87G "Kanonenvogel"

This is the infamous Kanonenvogel of Oberst Rudel.This plane was known as tankbuster and was armed with 2 37mm flakcannons!!!


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Vehicles Planes Update

This is a plane update with faster and more agile planes!


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Vehicles Realistic Katyusha

The Katyusha in WW2 had up to 42 rockest. This file replaces the original Katyusha with one with a wider ramp and 20 instead of 6 rockets...


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Vehicles Wirbelwind AA-Vehicle

This file adds an AA-tank to every map containing a Wespe artillery.


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Vehicles TrueTank Mod (1.2)

Information: Adds a new crew member to Sherman, M10, Panzer IV and Tiger tanks, dividing the roles of driver and turret gunner. Al...


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