Battlefield 1942

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By Land, Sea and Air (1024x768) Electronic Arts 246KB 751
By Land, Sea and Air (800x600) Electronic Arts 158KB 162
Give 'Em Hell, Boys! (1024x768) Electronic Arts 217KB 357
Give 'Em Hell, Boys! (800x600) Electronic Arts 148KB 114
Face The Enemy (1024) Electronic Arts 237KB 633
Face The Enemy (800x600) Electronic Arts 166KB 151
Allies (1024x768) Electronic Arts 227KB 803
Allies (800x600) Electronic Arts 160KB 212
Wake Island Blue (1024x768) ShockWAV 313KB 1,538
Wake Island Blue (800x600) ShockWAV 185KB 285
Loading Screen Wallpapers (800x600) ReaveR 419KB 976
Warhawk Wallpaper (1600x1200) -w|sh- 425KB 151
Warhawk Wallpaper (1024x768) -w|sh- 192KB 188
Splash Screen Wallpaper (800x600) Hot Shot 12 73KB 314
Merciless Desktop Wallpapers Prowlinger 14.2MB 2,003
Berlin/Wake WallPaper =82nd= Airborne 770KB 174
Allied & Axis Sniper wallpaper Canadian Joker 961KB 2,874
World War II Americans Collage Abu 978KB 118
BF1942 Wallpaper collage update Abu 646KB 341
New Expansion Pack Wallpaper bar615 351KB 147
BF1942 Wallpaper Axis/Allied bar615 336KB 188
New Expansion Pack Wallpaper V2 bar615 338KB 146
Desert Combat Wallpaper Agent Dam7 372KB 755
Wanna Play Wallpaper Dagzilla 451KB 177
Battlefieldforum Wallpapers Cu Bomber 5.15MB 502
DC Wallpaper FireFly*194* 115KB 247
BF Wallpaper Collection Cu Bomber 2.02MB 545
WW2 Collage Wallpaper TroOper3 228KB 136
DC Hind Wallpaper TroOper3 188KB 189
DC Iraq Wallpaper TroOper3 551KB 128
Platoon Wallpaper TroOper3 57KB 148
Shattered Skies wallpaper #1 Shattered Skies Team 98KB 106
DC Loading Screens memorex8200 2.61MB 2,273
Canadian Warfare wallpaper Canadianwarfareteam 517KB 139
Bf1942Files Wallpapers WW2Dude 1.64MB 233
WW2Dude's_Wallpapers WW2Dude 3.79MB 139
DC.7 Loading Screens Trevor 1.3MB 500
2 DC wallpapers 1280x1024 MorPheuS 68 355KB 407
BF1942 Forever MorPheuS 68 275KB 163
FH Wallpapers Mod - Forgotten Hope 1.54MB 395
FilesNetwork Christmas Wallpaper Blumenkohl 1.96MB 94
FH Panthera Wallpaper Mod - Forgotten Hope 602KB 422
Transformers Wallpaper Pack Guest 658KB 190
Battlefield 1942 Wallpapers dunk999999 6.38MB 127
Battlefield 1942 Wallpapers dunk999999 1.65MB 112
Battlefield 1942 Wallpapers (Complete) dunk999999 8.4MB 521
Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Wallpapers dunk999999 4.59MB 170
FHSW "Ratte" Heavy Tank Wallpaper Teuvo 397KB 72