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Weapons M1 Garand Alpha

Hot Shot's M1 Garand mod alpha I am releasing this new M1 Garand without a skin because i never found anyone that wanted to make...


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Weapons vonManstein's Realistic Small Arms Mod (SP)

This mod makes changes to the clip sizes, making BF more "Historically" correct. Im in to making things the way they should be, this guy...


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Weapons vonManstein's Realistic Troop Kits Mod (SP)

This one changes the kit loadouts, making things as "historically accurate as possible". Im really into how much this guy has made things...


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Weapons vonManstein's Realistic Small Arms Mod

A nice fix to further complete vonManstein's quality Battlefield modification.Corrected bug - In the original, I omitted to apply th...


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Weapons VisibleBombs

Now u can see the bombs. Nice work Erich. Pictures:


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Weapons Flakvierling

Adds a German 4 Barreled Flak 38, couldnt get it to work, maybe you will have better luck. Sounds cool though.


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Weapons Allied Weapons Mod

This is a weapons mod for the Allied Side!


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Weapons Merciless Crosshair Selector v1.0

Merciless Standalone Crosshair selector!! Need I say more?


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