1/9AirCav's DCF Map Pack

This map pack features a total of four maps for Desert Combat. Each map comes with it's own readme, however the map pack was put into one s...


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This map pack features a total of four maps for Desert Combat. Each map comes with it's own readme, however the map pack was put into one simple to use .exe installer format. Here is an overview over the maps and their individual history:

Libertation of Harlingen v.2

This map was created to represent the fall of German occupied Harlingen, Holland, by Canadian troops, on the march to liberate Amsterdam. The town fell to the Canadians on 5 May 1945. Although this battle was a minor battle compared to the fighting taking place inside Germany by Patton and the Russian army, every battle is major to the soldiers involved in the fighting. During my research on the battle I found little usable information on this battle as far as loadout and vehicles however, the city is mapped to be an accurate, if out of scale representation of the actual city.

Slovenian Alps DAY 2

Slovenia is a small mountainous country comprised mostly of farms & villages located between Italy and Hungary. Un-improved roadways and heavy summer rains make travel difficult. In 1941 during WWII Slovenia, ruled by Yugoslavia/Russia was overtaken by German & Italian troops then split up between them and Hungary. After the war Slovenia returned to Yugolsavia/Russia control. This map is a loose representation of the battles that took place during that time.

Slovenian Alps v.2

As "Slovenian Alps DAY 2" this map is meant to represent the battles in Slovenia between the Russian/Yugoslavian and German/Italian troops for this small country between Hungary and Italy.

Yakima Firing Center v.3

Y.F.C. is a military reservation located in central WA. State,USA. It's weather & terrain make for a perfect desert training area. Still used today it serves as a unique chance for military personnel from Yakima itself, FT. Lewis & McChord AFB (just a few hours drive) to sample desert life & train with a variety of live ordinance in large open ranges.

Well guys, I myself had a lot fun during the testing matches, and I'm pretty sure you're gonna like this map pack too. This definatly belongs into the cathegory "MUST-Download". :)

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Download '_ss1_19aircav_dcf_map_pack.rar' (138MB)

=SS1=1/9AirCav's DCF Map pack. 9Apr05
This file is compressed using Win.Rar. You will need Win.rar to extract this file. It's a free download at 
 Yakima Firing Center v.3Full
 Slovenian Alps v.2Full
 Slovenian Alps Day2
 Liberation of Harlingen v.2Full

Welcome to the 1/9AirCav's DCF Map pack. 4 custom DCF maps covering 4 different settings. 
Desert,Urban,Woodland & Winter. Each map is furnished with vehicle,soldier,surface & in some cases weapons textures to 
fit each map. Maps included are Yakima Firing Center v.3,Slovenian Alps v.2,Slovenian Alps Day2, & Liberation of Harlingen
v.2. Each map inclues a Readme, Screenshots & self extracting map pack,exe.

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