101st airborne and Luftwaffe field division

101st airborne and Luftwaffe field division Hi everybody,here is some new stuff.101.airborne/506.parachut...


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101st airborne and Luftwaffe field division Hi everybody,here is some new stuff.101.airborne/506.parachute infantry with eagle and dice patch,changed colour of uniform,helmets and boots.I'm not shure whether the dice patch was really worn there,but it seemed like a nice detail to add.(Hope you agree,VonMeyer!) Lw-field division with splinter-camo field jacket,pants,collar and helmet Lw-blue.Lw-eagle on chest,belt-buckle, helmet and backpack.Decrations:Iron cross 1./2.class,black wound badge. The field divisions were mainly raised to guard and protect airfields in conquered territory.Esp in eastern Europe partisan attacks became a constant danger.But after the disastrous losses of men and material in the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk,these divisions were more and more "volunteered" for pure infantry combat. With only little infantry training and improvised equipment,they faced heaviest casualties in Russia.In the west,with more time for training(first combat actions not before 1944),they withstood better. I chose the field division as an alternative for paratroopers,as you can see they look quite good on the Monte Cassino map. For the few ones who don't have a texture folder or MC3.7(really?),use MakerRfa to reconvert the dds files. Thx to my loyal fans(Kreply!)and critics(Check the badges,Bongo!)and everybody else for downloading or downrating my files(Just kidding!)and all kinds of creative input!There's more to come! E-mail:Getaway30@hotmail.com/Sulaco@onlinehome.de. "Reason separates man from animals"

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