1st Marine Div

1st Marine Division (Gaudalcanal 1942 "the Offensive Begins") ...


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1st Marine Division (Gaudalcanal 1942 "the Offensive Begins")

These uniforms are based on my uncles pics from the time he spent in the Pacifc fighting the Japanese. Also I did some follow up book research on the Marine Corp uniforms in WW2. Except for the problems with mirrored textures, these skins are 100% accurate.These skins are for the Guadalcanal map. I figured that there are awsome Japenese skins done by "Takasaki", so I had to make a Marine Skin that would be nice enough to be used with those ones. I tried to rework the entire uniform but look out for follow ups and updates,this is the first installment. Ok,now that we look like real Marines, Lets go out and fight like them. Enjoy....

Historical note:

The First Division was activated in February 1942 It receaved 3 Presidential Citations, 19 Medals of Honor,and 19,284 Casualties during the march across the Pacific.

1st Marine Division "the Old Breed"

-The Uniforms are the sage green(HBT)twill Common referred to as "dungarees" -A black stencilled "globe and anchor" on the left breast pocket. -The "Frog" pattern or "beachlanding" helmetcover. -Dogtags -I also added some extras like sand and unit markings on the back of jackets: (the Marines used various stencilled markings on uniforms,equipment,and individual gear to identify them.

Download contents

1. Read me 2. Screenshots/pictures 3. Files(dds.)

Installation Instructions

Very easy, by know most of you know how its done. Just copy and paste into your Guadalcanal file under "texture sets"

If you are not sure there are tons of tuts that will explain this proccess.

A small note: We must remember that although this is a Game,many many good men on both sides lost there lives and we should try to honor them when ever we get the chance.

Thanks Tom "Fallschirmjager" Phillips

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