A.F. Axis Skin 1.0

This is a cool white/green camouflage skin made by us. It is really good for maps like "Battle Of The Bulge". The skin works perfe...


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This is a cool white/green camouflage skin made by us. It is really good for maps like "Battle Of The Bulge". The skin works perfectly on all maps for German/Axis. If u have any questions or requests E-mail them at af_team@hotmail.com or visit www.afteam.tk .

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Download 'af_axis_skin_1.0.zip' (262KB)

Read me:
A.F. Axis Skin 1.0

 »Forest white and dark green camouflage;

 »"Allied forces" on the back and front;

 »Logo on helmet, shoulders and collar;

 »Re-skinned rucksack, helmet, belt and accessories;

Zip File Contents
1. This readme
2. Germov_r ~ Germun_r ~ ghelm_r

Installation (you will find the RFA extractor and Make RFA in unofficial_SDK_2)

1. Use RFA Extractor to extract all of the files in the texture.rfa located in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Archives
to the main directory C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942. you should now have a textures folder in that directory!!. 
You now can delete the texture.rfa located in the Archives folder without any harm to your game. (Backup a copy of texture.rfa just to be safe)

2. Take the Germov_r ~ Germun_r ~ ghelm_r files located in this zip and put them in C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\texture directory and replace those currently there.

3. Copy the MakeRFA file into C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Archives and use it to reform the texture.rfa file. You will have to write exactly the following in the MS-DOS window: 

Enter the root directory to compress:      
Type "texture" 
Enter base .rfa path 
Type "texture" 
Would you like to see a list of the .rfa directories that will be created? Y/N 
Push "n" 
Entter the name of the new .rfa 
Type "texture.rfa" 
Would you like to compress the .rfa? (very slow) Y/N 
Push "n"
At the end u must get 1506 files extracted, if not do the process again.

4. Delete the texture folder, you should be left with texture.rfa, about 171 MB,

5. Start-up your game and enjoy with the new look of your axis forces.

**** Please note you need .NET Framework to run the RFA Extractor Program****
Download it here 

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