Afront's Spitfire

A pretty decent spitfre skin. Here's the pic:


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A pretty decent spitfre skin. Here's the pic:


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Spitfire reskin by AFront

Green...the color of genius. This skin was brought on by an American version of the Spitfire i saw online.
olive drab body with a yellow nose. Looked sharp. So i took i made a replica of that, and the yellow wasnt
as bold as i wanted, so i tried red. Red tail, nose, and propeller tips makes for a seksay plane.

Extract to your c:/battlefiled42/textures folder  and play. Sorry for not making an new RFA...
im just too lazy to do it. 

In this zip you will find:

3. What you are now reading
4. An 800X600 screenshot compilation just for looks...though it has been updated since i made it.

If you would like me to skin something, PM me at the message boards 
or email me at

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