Aircraft Wake

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That's right! Wake Island with added aircraft including the B-17. I have to say the best part of this map is devastating the Japanese ships with the bomber, cruel but fun. :cool: On the flipside, I love shooting down aircraft with flak cannons and the chances of having a target to shoot at here are definitely in one's favor. In fact, with so many aircraft to choose from, plane campers might almost end up being halfway useful! Well... it's possible. :p

Now, the downside to having so many aircraft on the map is that it can cause some framerate issues for people, so be prepared to tweak your audio/video settings for the sake of performance. Also, getting your plane into the air is sometimes a little tricky due to having so much activity on the runway. This is more of a problem for the b-17 since the smaller fighters and bombers can take off pretty quickly on a small stretch of land.

Drawbacks aside, this map is surprisingly entertaining and may even bring some harmony between the filthy plane campers and those of us that actually win the battle. :D If nothing else, pilots are likely to enjoy Aircraft Wake for its ample dogfighting opportunities in addition to it also being able to serve as an effective map for perfecting your bombing and flying skills.

Note: There is an updated nighttime version of Aircraft Wake which replaces this one.





gleeman's taken advantage of the available Make RFA utility from Moseley and turned the file
into an easy to install rfa, hopefully saving a lot of people out there from installation headaches.

Installation Instructions - what folder your file is supposed to be extracted into.

place the objects_100.rfa file in your \archives folder

place the aircraftwake.rfa file in your \archives\bf1942\levels folder

objects_100.rfa maked a 'respawn' USarmy B17 and several Axis Aircraft on Shokaku.

AirCraftWAKE.rfa is added a 'respawn' USarmy B17 and several Allied Aircraft on Airfield.

[email protected]

this file was made by a request from a parachute troops :)

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