Aircraft Wake MOD version 3.6 for (bf1942 v1.2)

Gleeman has been adding more goodies, more gameplay adjustments, and just plain more of the best, Now for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.2....


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Gleeman has been adding more goodies, more gameplay adjustments, and just plain more of the best, Now for Battlefield 1942 Version 1.2.



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Hi, New AirCraft_Wake MOD(v3.6) release on v1.2.


1) This mod made from the BattleField v1.2 patch.
2) This mod install program test by Windows98se.
3) New Button "Custom Game" lets the player play a AirCraftBattle 
4) This mod is not music from the Menu screen.

Now unhappiness I cannot do reply, don't ask.
I must recover the e-mail.
Because of the spam mail the problem got in the e-mail.
The AirCraftBattle36c_US_Install.exe( or zip) releases freely.

v0.301 -> v0.36

1) Hanomag(Axis APC) change a mounted 75mm Cannon + Flamethrower.
* Hanomag of the v.03xx made the model of the Snyder with the frame.
2) It reduced the bomb possibility of the AirCraft & Tank.
Use the Airfield supply or APC supply.
3) It changed the name of the each Ships.
The bay it appears from the AirCraftBattle_Wake.
Japan Destroyer Ship - Kisaraki ;
1941/12/11 Sinking from Wake Island
Japan AirCraft Carrier - Soryu ;
When Soryu and Hiryu it participates to the Pearl Harbor after Wake 
US AirCraft Carrier - Saratoga ;
For a rescue from Wake Island it does not appear the Carrier.
4) The B17Fortresss is a spawn point.
Also this th bay appears in the AirCraftBattle_Wake.
5) Kubelwagen dont have a mounted MG42 on back.
6) It changed the name of the T34 and the T34-85 with each other.
7) The Allies Assult Soldier uses the BAR1918 ( not use MG42 ).
8) The Allies is not use ED HARRIS(UK),TOM HANK(US) with the recently 
4th face.

v0.2beta -> v0.301

1) several Allied Aircraft on Enterprise. Also Enterprise is ready 
2) When the Axis occupies the Airfeild, the Allied as the Joker the 
Enterprise appears.
3) a 'spawn' USarmy B17. B17 only the Allies it will be able to use.
4) one spawn point 'aichival' DiveBomber,two spawn point 'zero' 
fighter on Shokaku.
but total 6 zero + 2 aichival spawn. It continues, the Aircraft is 
5) Jeeps have a mounted browning/mg42 on back.
6) The Willy of Beach DEFGUN there is not a MG but the HitPoint came 
to be strong.
7) Zero,Corsair have a mounted Rockets. The destruction power came to 
be strong far.
8) DEFGUN rotates recently 360` freely.
9) The Cannon of the Chi-ha,Sherman,Hatsuzuki the rectilinear scope 
increased a lot.
10) Hanomag(Axis APC) change a mounted flak38 the Anti-Tank.
11) The TANK of the AXIS hour CHI-HA when it will occupy The Beach is 
12) The TANK of the ALLIES hour Sherman when it will occupy the 
NorthBase,AirField is only.
13) added the AA-Gun above the Barrack of the NorthBase.
14) It made The BRIDGE which it demolishes with the TNT(ExpPack).
15) It is streuous in the weapon which is different that BRIDGE.
16) The Allies is the TOM HANKS with the recently 4th face.
17) The Allies Assult Soldier(of Bar1918) uses the MG42.
18) Me the handweapon is not a possibility of change perfectly.
It change the lexiconAll.dat with temporary expedient
and as BAR1918 substitution MG42 is a possibility of doing.
But, the temporary expedient was not contained.


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