Aircraft Wake v2.0



First the bad news. Aircraft Wake 2.0 is meant to replace Aircraft Wake and that means you'll have to remove your original aircraftwake.rfa & aircraftwake_100.rfa to get this one in working order.

Now for the good stuff, which there's plenty of. The skybox looks great, minus the standard Battlefield degradation of course. It would've been nice to have some nighttime lighting for the map, but the lack of it doesn't detract from the atmosphere too much. You're usually too busy either defending yourself from attack or going on the attack to notice it too much in the first place. Which brings us to our next point of interest, the speed of the gameplay, and this is definitely a fast-paced level. You've got so many vehicles to choose from that getting where you need to go is a lot faster, therefore it's also faster for your enemy. This makes for a steady amount of action that hardly ever relents (unless you're fighting a busload of brain donors). That's a signifcant part of what makes this map and its predecessor so great- the constant attack and defend, constant battling. Aircraft Wake 2.0 does a fantastic job of making you feel like there's a major World War II fight taking place with you smack dab in the middle of it.

Another gem with this map is the Objects_100.rfa. You'd have to crack it open for a full list of what it does, but here's a short rundown. Jeep mod. Available B-17's. Mounted rockets on the Zero and Corsair. It'd be great enough if we just got the Browning/MG42 on the back of the jeeps, but we also get the B-17 AND then ALSO have rockets added onto the fighters without the slightest hassle. Play as allies and look at your minimap.. You see that spawn point moving? No, it's not a figment of your imagination.. that's the B-17, baby. Yes, the B-17 itself is a spawnpoint. I can't even begin to tell you how cool it is to spawn on a B-17 in midair and just start blasting Zero's back to Hell, or be flying around and have a crew spawn in to help you out, OR to have people spawn in so they can parachute down to an objective below. It's pure genius.

If that wasn't enough for you, how about this, -Wish-'s Warhawk and Midnight Corsair and Lobo's Green Zero skins all come standard with the map, adding a very unique look to the battle in the skies. I thought it was a great touch to a custom map and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :D

As it is I've really only given you a glimpse into Aircraft Wake 2.0. To get a real idea you're going to have to install it and enjoy it on your own. Just remember, if you want to play online you're going to have to move that pesky objects_100.rfa which unfortunately will remove some of the greatest features of this map. It might be possible to play it online with the Objects_100.rfa in your folder if the server has the same exact file setup, but I'm not sure on that right now. Anyway, that's enough from me, take a look at these pictures while you download the file. :naughty:

Mm-mmm, good!

Takin' the scenic route.Tom Hanks and I take a moment to discuss the ingredients of Spam

Me trying to look inconspicuous in a bright orange jeep with a large automatic weapon on the back...>8D

Maybe I should move.. =oFor some reason planes don't hold still while you shoot rockets at them.



hello. AIRCRAFT WAKE ver.2 version update :)

Installation Instructions - what folder your file is supposed to be extracted into.

place the objects_100.rfa file in your \Archives folder
place the menu_100.rfa file in your \Archvies folder
place the aircraftwake.rfa file in your \Archvies\bf1942\levels folder.

You must delete older aircraftwake.rfa & aircraftwake_100.rfa.
existing objects.rfa & menu.rfa file is not delete,you must keep that.

menu_100.rfa maked
Zero,Cosair,SBD icon fix.

objects_100.rfa maked
  a 'spawn' USarmy B17. B17 is ready for AIRCRAFTWAKE ver.2
  ,one spawn point 'aichival' DiveBomber,two spawn point 'zero' fighter on Shokaku.
  ( before 8 or 7 spawn point ) but total 6 zero + 2 aichival spawn.
  , Jeeps have a mounted browning/mg42 on back.
  , Zero,Corsair have a mounted Rockets. ( Katyusha leave as it is. )

objects_100.rfa do all map rule change.

  'spawn' LCVP ( before omaha_beach_100.rfa in AIRCRAFT MIDWAY mod only )

  several Allied Aircraft on Enterprise.
  challenge Battle of Midway,Iwo Jima.
  It is natural that you can see Enterprise.

  Zero,Aichival ExitLocation fix.
  Zeor,Corsair Rokets named AirRocket. KatyushaRocket leave as it is.
  Each total 6 LCVP or Daihatsu on Enterprise,Hatsuzuki,Shokaku less than total 4.

AirCraftWake.rfa maked

  I success diet AirCraftWake.rfa.

aircraftwake.rfa is
added a 'respawn' USarmy B17 and several Allied Aircraft on Airfield. B17 spawn point fixed. 

Zero Texture skin change A6M2b greenzero Created by Gonzalo "Lobo" Martínez
SBD Texture skin change CAMOSBD Created by -w|sh-
Corsair Texture skin change nightcorsair Created by -w|sh-
( I like color.
  I have the impertinence to without consent use their Mod. 
  I am really sorry about what I did to him. )

SkyTile change MidNight.

FogColor fixed.
WaterColor fixed.
thumbnail image fixed.

- BattleField1942 2002.10.18-

[email protected]

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