Alamo BF Map

Here's A BF1942 map based loosely on the last battle from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" nicknamed 'Alamo'.


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Here's A BF1942 map based loosely on the last battle from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" nicknamed 'Alamo'.

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Alamo BF Map. Final Release - 03/08/03 (dd/mm/yy)

Put in "[drive]:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels" directory.

Assault map, inspired by the final battle from the movie 'Saving Private Ryan' nicknamed: Alamo.
The Axis will immediately start loosing tickets unless they hold one flag (Excluding thier base flag). Allied base can be captured.

Have Fun! :)

Known Issues:
* There is a problem with the way the textures are joining (The Terrain Material map is made up of 4x4 texture squares). This is spurely aesthetic and does not affect gameplay and I have let it go, this being my first map..... and the way the grass lies it's often overlooked in the heat of battle :)

Interesting Points:
Some vehicles will spawn as different vehicles based on which team is holding a particular flag (e.g. 'Willy's' Jeep could respawn as a Sherman). This could be a flag that is held on the other side of the map.... not necessarily the one closest to the vehicle.

Version History

Fixes - 03/08/03

* Took the planes out of the map due to the factory (military) fence object having an error in it's collision mesh. I 'bombed' the airfield and replaced the mustangs with shermans designed to come later in the game as delayed reinforcements.

* Fixed tank obstacles at the end of the main road past the church. Found tanks could actually fit through.... although have left the ability to drive over them allthough somewhat risky to the tanks healy and vulnerability.

* Fixed the ridge along the North side of the river to the East of the repair yard to inhibit troops being able to climb coming from the North.

Fixes - 20/07/03

* Map 'Out of Bounds' defined.

* Adjusted default ticket ratio and tiket expire rate.

* Load Screen Added.

* Mini-screen added.

* Minor Aesthetic changes.

* 'Fire Escape' ladder to main buildings allowing roof access :)

* Alternate route added for vehicles accross river.... although slow going and engineer support a must.

Designed by Sack
Hamilton, New Zealand
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