Alpine Operations



Defend a village while advancing towards the enemy. As you probably can guess, it is set in a snowy area. Support for co-op and conquest.

Designed for Desert Combat, it works on Vanilla BF - but not brilliantly. It was built using "Kursk" as starting point, and the author has kept the flags and layout the same. New buildings have been put at the flags and this makes for an interesting map. To the West, the are houses with a windmill (on vanilla BF - not sure about DC) behind, while to the East is a tenement block with a static machine gun in the top window. The bases have had new buildings added and are well laid out - they look like villages that have been turned into bases, not existing bases, which is good. Judging by the loading screen, the author has made winter skins for the soldiers and vehicles. Having only tested it on vanilla BF, I only saw the new skins on the vehicles. These are quite good and make the vehicles fit in well to the location. I recommend this map for any Single-player or Co-op fans out there, it's actually quite enjoyable!

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