Apache Desert Skin



Take a look! This Apache gunship looks like its been covered with the desert version of the new MARPAT camo pattern put out by the Marine Corp. If it blends this well from the screenshots, just imagine how camouflaged it will be when you view it from a distance. However, this may put you at a disadvantage if everyone else on the server is using the standard OD colored Apache. But for you people looking to spice things up, (like me) I'd say download this now and get flying!



Before to do something make a back-up of "TEXTURE.rfa" that where in Desert Combat mod in "Archives" folder.
-Use Battlefield Mod Development Tools, you can find it here: http://www.planetbattlefield.com/mdt/

1 - Open Battlefield Mod Development Tools, click on "WinRFA" a new window appers, click on "File" and "Open.rfa" select "TEXTURE.rfa" (Desert Combat mod)

2 - Click on "Extract" and select "All" select your desktop 

3 - Open the folder that have been decompressed(TEXTURE), go to Ah64 folder's(TEXTURE/DesertCombat/Ah64/), replace ah64.dds 

4 - Make a new folder on your desktop the name as no importance

5 - Back to "winRFA" click on "Pack" and select "Directory", select the TEXTURE folder's on your desktop, name it like the original file (TEXTURE.rfa) and save it in the folder that you've made before

6 - Replace the original "TEXTURE.rfa" file's by this new file

It's finish, now you can play. Enjoy!!!

I've make it just for the fun,i like to play with this skin and i hope that you too
[email protected]

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