Atom Bomb's Chrome Colt

A decent chrome skin by Atom Bomb. Have a look:


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A decent chrome skin by Atom Bomb. Have a look: snapcolt.jpg

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ATOM BOMBS chrome colt {cherry handle}

Replaces old colt with new chromed op version with cherry handle .

How To: Installation

1. Open RFA Extractor (included in the zip) then click "File" & then click "Open", next navigate to the texture.rfa file located in your \EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Archives folder & now click "Extract All" & make sure you extract to your main BF1942 folder (that would be \EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\). Now you will want to move that texture.rfa file anywhere on your pc but not in any of the gaming folders for BF1942 (do not delete this cause you do not know if you may need this for future upgrades to the game so keep this file safe). 

2. Replace files   located in the "texture" folder with the one in this zip. I recommend saving that original files incase you dislike this one.

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