Heres some pretty cool wespe and corsair skins.

Check em out.


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Heres some pretty cool wespe and corsair skins.

Check em out.


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Thank you for downloading my new skins for Battlefield 1942.

(I'm assuming everyone has downloaded the RFA EXtractor and etc...)

1. Rename the .dds files you are replacing as ".old" in your texture directory.

2. Download the files into c:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\texture

3. Launch your game and have fun!


My F4U Corsair skin is that of Black Squadron Ace, Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.  I added the Black Sheep Squadron patch onto the tail of the plane because I felt tails should ALWAYS have something there  :)  You'll also notice that under the plane are two areas of text:

1-  (my personal website)

2- Azag-Thoth 2002  (my signature)

My Wespe skin was simply a test skin, but since nobody has made one yet, it's a nice alternative to the game created one.  It's simply the original Wepse, with a Wasp logo on it  :P

Thanks again for your interest!  I'll be making many more


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