B & C Maps EOD Mappack 2

Buzard & Carlos / B&C maps last mapping project for EOD... B&C EOD mappack 2 (3 New Maps) FULL COOP SUPPORT!!


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Buzard & Carlos / B&C maps last mapping project for EOD... B&C EOD mappack 2 (3 New Maps) FULL COOP SUPPORT!!

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Download 'bceod3mappack2.zip' (28.45MB)

Carlos estente (AI coding) & all tec stuff.
Buzard (Maps + creative input)  lol.

               NEW!!!    Sunset_island/Shar_min_village/Surrounded for EOD3    NEW!!!

Battlefield 1942 v1.6
Eve of Destruction 3

 put the 3 rfa's Sunset_island/Shar_min_village/Surrounded in your eod levels dir

Deafault eg:

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\EOD\Archives\bf1942\levels 

and you should know the rest just delete them if u dont want them!!!!!


                                   *****IMPORTANT NOTE******

Included in the zip is another zip called INFANTRY PATCH...YOU DON'T HAVE TO USE THESE FILES!!!!

However,, you can use them if you wish for something different,, there are 2 extra file addon's for sunset island & surrounded,,, which if applied to the same eod levels dir as the maps,,, will result in the maps being playable as INFANTRY ONLY.....

Though jeeps will remain in the maps,, for quick transport!!!
All AT classes will swap to medics as well..

Simply remove these _005 addons to return to playing the maps deafault settings


        *****please see over head maps within the zip, for extra info on the maps*****


general notes:

*These maps were designed for coop games mainly,, they will run in conquest but we can't predict how effective they would be online (meaning there could be total ownage or tardism!!!)

*We have left in the ability to parachute in all our maps.

* bot movement.
Hours of starting the map & letting it run with different settings /slight 
tweaks can drive u mad

 Quoted from a conversaiton with Arc D'Wraith

"hehe ... you can spend forever testing ai 
although at some stage you gotta say, thats good enough"

& i couldn't agree more!!!!
so they are as they are...


6. My test conditions for these maps...

25 second respawn time
25% cpu to bots
85% botskill

40 > 60 bots (not tested with less) (many varying offsets for both sides)

1024*768*32 res
80% view distance

cpu: amd athlon 2.8
512 ddr ram
Creative geforce 4 4800 ti 128
epox nforce 2 motherboard
dx 9

                             Map notes: Sunset island (fictional)

*Armies: NVA v Special forces
*Fight type: NVA defensive/Special forces attack
*Warfare type: Infantry / Tank / helo / plane
*Best team to play as: Special forces
*Recommended bot ratio: 1-1 / 5-4 / 5-3 / 5-2 against you.

The idea for this is that the NVA have utilised this island as a secret airfield outpost...

However the Special forces are aware of this island and are preparing an attack to take over the island completely...

The mission is for the Special forces to perform a surprise H.A.L.O* drop in to the island from both sides at the same time,,, hopefully they will be able to rush in and cause confusion whilst the NVA gather their forces...

The Special forces are expected to commandeer any of the unguarded NVA vehicles to aid their mission,, and it is also advised that the Special forces concentrate their attack on the airfield once the beach has been secured for an extra tactical advantage!!

The island is packed with NVA equipment and supplies so be carefull,,, they have the advantage from the offset!! if the NVA concentrate their forces and pin you down,, you may end up being pushed back to the paraspawns!!!!

The odds are against you here, you must gain the upper hand asap if possible, but either way, you will have your work cut out...

*H.A.L.O ( high altitude-low opening )
                              Map notes: Surrounded (Fictional)

*Armies: Vietcong v US
*Fight type: US defensive/VC attack
*Warfare type: Infantry Mainly!!!  ( but there are 2 helo's & 3 tanx )
*Best team to play as: US
*Recommended bot ratio: 1-1 / 5-4 / 5-3 / 5-2 against you. (5-3 0r 5-2 may be very hard!!!)

*This map started out as just a test idea!!!

I was not sure if this would work in coop, but it does work quite well ( i think )

In the deep jungle, the US have set up a small re-arming & refueling post with 3 main controll areas around the outskirts...

Air recon has reported 2 VC tanks moving toward the position and fear they may be planning an assault!!!...

Recon was correct, except they failed to spot the mass movement of enemy troops moving in on the base from all sides, coming in on foot through the bushes....

You are required to protect the outer 3 positions of this stop off point!!,, if you loose one of the posts, air traffic will not be safe attempting to come for refueling and repairs...So protect these flags at all costs!!

Casualtys could be high here,, but the outpost must remain in controll of the US,,, it is possable depending on how you set this game up that you will be spawning into a world of pain!!! and may have no idea which direction to shoot first!!

The bush is thick and the area is quite small so the fighting can be a bit intense at times (to say the least!!),,, so keep your head down and look sharp!!

There is a cobra and loach minigun in the base to provide air support for the US,, but the vc are coming in through some thick undergrowth so they will be hard to spot from the air!!!!!
Perhaps it would be more effective to use the cobra for keeping an eye on the 2 T54's heading for the base!!!

At the last minuet i decided to put some para-spawns over each of the 3 outer flags,,,, this makes for more interesting battle,, mainly for the VC because now when they capture an outer flag, they are free to spawn closer to the action, and because they spawn in the air you never know where the next falling bot will end up... nice!!!

** some tester, no names though,,,,,,,,, 'danny'  lol used to pull an odd face when i said that we were playing this map next LMFAO ,,,i think he was scared of it,,, cos he couldn't see where he was getting shot from!!!!!!   LOL!!! never mind,,, i don't think the enemy would just willingly stand there for all to see in the open.......

This map is NOT FOR THE TIMID!!! especially at 5-2 against you!!! they cannot completely take the base but they will still cause you alot of pain!!!  
oh yeah!!


                           Map notes: Shar min village (Fictional)
                               * Created by 'Carlos estente'

*Armies: Vietcong v US
*Fight type: VC defensive/US attack
*Warfare type: Infantry / Tank / Helo
*Best team to play as: US ( though it could be played as VC it would be a bit easy without BIG odds)
*Recommended bot ratio: 1-1  or 5-4 / 5-3 / 5-2 against you

There is a small village set just behind some hills just beyond some small bodies of water and a beach area...

There are US reports that the enemy forces could be gathering an assault force in and around the village,,  either way there are enemy movements within striking distance of the US,, so the mission is set!!!

At the rear section of the map are 4 capturable areas where the VC forces have been reported,,,but the most ideal way of going about this mission is to first, gain controll of the 2 unguarded beach areas in order to gather your forces and regroup to conduct the final stages of the assault...

Watch out though because the VC are on foot and have been seen running through the hills towards the beach flags, so don't let them flank you whilst you out trying to take the rear controll areas....

             Single players rejoice there is a site dedicated to your needs!!!!


any major malfunctions you find ,,,please email me    
[email protected]      subject: concerning eod maps.

Or visit the forums and give me your opinions





all the heavy technical work (ai n stuff) was done by Carlos Estente so 
major thanx to him,,,,(keep it up!!!!!!!!!)

Credits due:

*Thanx to the EOD devs for EOD of course, & especially Arc d wraith & Necronom  for extra help in various areas!!!

*Gen_Disarray & MasterChiefRulZ from bf42players for pluggin stuff for us !!

It's all good,,, so thanx people,,

Anybody else who has supported the maps and offer'd advice you know so thanx again!!!!

so thank you for downloading it,, hope you get a few minutes/hours of 
satisfaction out of it,, if not then nothing lost eh??
(exept waiting 19 years to download it on 56k perhaps lol)

We are sorry to inform you that this could possibly be the B&C maps last stand for EOD i am afraid to say...

We have had THE BEST TIME!!! making these extra coop maps along side the EOD dev's,, and most of the time if not all they have been very supportive/helpful towards our ideas,(even when the ideas went wrong "MM night" lol)...
So to you guys ,, it has been a pleasure making maps for your great mod!!!! THE GREAT MOD!!!

Ok,, the reason we are stopping map prodution for eod is simply because, we are moving all future projects over to the BFV engine,, mainly to take advantage of the new ai (coop maps for BFV yay!!!)

But we wont be leaving eod behind!!!,, simply moving our ideas over thats all,,,EOD has had us hooked since the EOD 10% version!!!!  Its like an old friend!!

So we will be looking forward to hearing anything you have to say good or bad :0( in the forums... see you there...





[email protected]

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