Backstreets V1.0

BackStreets V1.0 This is a map for Battlefield 1942 by One-Man-Crimewave & Phes (©2003) contact e-mail :- one-man.crimewave@ntlwo...


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BackStreets V1.0 This is a map for Battlefield 1942 by One-Man-Crimewave & Phes (©2003) contact e-mail :-

This map is ONLY playable in Conquest mode & has no shadows (yet) they will be coming soonish depending if i can figure out 3dstudio max5 ;) or get Phes to do them in Photoshop somehow.

Simply put the included BackStreets.rfa into your ....Battlefield1942/Mods/bf1942/Archives/levels folder

**IMPORTANT** Both bases can be taken but it takes twice as long. You need to capture 3 flags in order for the opposing teams tickets to start going down (that's 4 flags, including ur base). Only one light tank will appear on the repair bay at the south city control point.

We wanted more up close & personal battles& so BackStreets was born (hence there's only one light tank & no planes). We wanted to be able to get into all the buildings, with lots of angles. With all the flags being able to be turned, the fighting should be constantly moving around. Originally had planned 2 more control points (to go either side of the church) but can't seem to add any more. This is our first attempt at making a map for any game so any feedback would be welcomed (we all gotta start somewhere & you may recognise the layout from Stalingrad). Plz don't e-mail me saying that this map has no historical fact because we know that. It was made for fun & to see if we could.

Tools used to date are (from :- (Assuming that you've already know about .net framework & managed directx) Madbulls 1.2 map editor Photoshop 7 Notepad RFA Extractor v1.1 by Ryan Foss Make RFAGUI (by someone)

I only hope that someone will put this on a server to put it to a good test. Thanks to Perfectionist level design for some tips & some explantions.

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