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When the Aichi D3A1/2 shipped out to a fighting unit, it was sent with only a red hinomaru on either side of the fusala...


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When the Aichi D3A1/2 shipped out to a fighting unit, it was sent with only a red hinomaru on either side of the fusalage, and one on the top and bottom of each wing. Most of the color schemes seen throughout the war were applied after the Aichi reached it's destination (which is why it is so hard to find a standardized color chart for the D3A1/2 and the A6M2). The flight numbers were added to identify the squadron, and stripes were added to identify the carrier/land group. Other markings were added by ground crews and pilots to identify sub-groups within a squadron. As the plane was re-assigned, new numbers, colors, and stripes were painted over the older markings, often by hand with paint brushes and mops.

This is an Aichi as it was shipped, with the exception being the red tailfin/wings. This was done to match it with the picture of a newly manufactured Aichi I found while researching the color schemes of these planes. The red used for the hinomaru is actually a shade from the Mistubishi color guide for the A6M2 Zero, but I am sure it is the approximate color for the D3A1/2 as well. I also started from scratch with the body panel markings and re-drew them completely, based on a 3-view technical drawing of the Aichi. Due to the modeling by Dice, I wasn't able to re-create the markings 100%, but they are about 80% realistic now, much more so than the original skin.

I do not claim that this is 100% accurate information. I have researched this particular plane for a few days now, and I am fairly certain that this is a very close rendition of it. I may be wrong, however, so don't take my word for it if you are looking for 100% historical accuracy (which would be impossible, anyway, because the game models are not 100% accurate).

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  If you are not using the Merciless Texture Pack, you will have to extract your texture.rfa file and manually include the .dds files in this release. If you are using the MTP, simply copy these .dds files to the Map folder you wish to use this plane in.


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