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Bastogne - a map for Battlefield1942 by Dan Taylor. To install, extract the Batogne.rfa into your mapfolder (something like ...Battlefield1942/Mods/bf1942/archive/bf1942/levels/)

Bastogne, Christmas 1944

When the 101st Airborne reached Bastogne, there were troops going the other way...

In the following attack, the 101st with remnants of the 155th, the 10th Armored and other divisions attached, was surrounded by seven German divisions.

"Do you know what a corps of artillery is? That's what surrounded the town. A corps of artillery - it's like five battleships or something."

On 22 December, 1944 the Germans delivered a formal ultimatum : surrender or be annihilated.

Acting Divisional Commander McAuliffe's place in world history was assured when he replied: "Nuts!"

Colonel Abrams tanks of Pattons 3rd Army made contact with outposts of the 101st after a brave breakthrough through the German lines on December 26th.

BACKGROUND & HISTORICAL FACTS This is my first map for Battlefield1942. I tried to stay true to the original gameplay feeling , portraying historical facts in a games way, adding the little twists that makes every DICE map unique in terms of strategy and arrnament. E.g. you can play the first time as a German Fallschirmjäger, which is historical correct. You'll see this style reflected in the new (but less useful) minimap and the unusual light of the landscape. The scale has been lowered, but its still a huge terrain and some distances to travel in the game. Bastogne was a lot area to cover.

"You know, the trouble is, Bastogne, people don't realize how big a perimeter that area is. You're not close. What I mean is the area was big. People don't realize that. You know, when you think of being surrounded. Bastogne, here's one city, then you have all the several little towns around it, and that whole area was surrounded. It wasn't a little town that had a wall around it. It wasn't like that. It was an area with different small towns. Bastogne was the biggest town because it was a rail and a road junction."

Note: I know, the American paradrop is incorrect, the 101st went in at ground. I put that in for the mere fact that I love starting the game in that way. Of course, La Rue de Madbull is pure fiction, too :)

GAMEPLAY TWEAKS This is a Conquest: Siege map. Just kidding, I just made that up. It's a Conquest: Assault map. Or something.

1. Simulating confusion of the soldier in combat, or: WTF IS WRONG WITH MY F*CKING MINIMAP?!!!??! Murphy's Militar Law says: "There's nothing worse on the battlefield than an officer with a map." Your fieldmap is acurate enough, Soldier, deal with it.

2.WINNING CONDITIONS You can win by a) Holding Bastogne AND one controlpoint of the perimeter. b) Controling ALL perimeter including the Allied corridor at Villeroux. c) simply destroying the other team in a war of attrition.

Capturing the German Volkssturm base is possible, but does not count toward perimeter. It's great for stealing some equipement 'tho.

3. VEHICLES Germans will not get a Betty, even if they catch the corridor. Often, spawnpoints are very spread out and far away from the controlpoint, same goes for the soldierspawns. There's usually a Willy to find nearby and using it as a taxi to the planes/tanks is totally legit on this map.

GAMEPLAY TIPS Best Played with alot people. There are over 70 soldierspawnpoints on the map.

Made for advanced players and advanced teamwork. The Defguns are useless without a scout. You can't take or defend the city alone.

Artillery is very powerful. This map is good for testing out the range of a Priest or Wespe .

Because of the bad weather conditions, air support is limited.

Going over the fields with a vehicle isn't a good idea. Don't let the snow blind you.

You can get in/ontop alot buildings in Bastogne. The controlpoint there has a large radius.

Allies: Bastogne must not fall. Defend the city at all costs! Open a corridor for resupply. Beware of paratrooper misdrops. Axis: Make use of the Lobster tactic and attack from two sides. Siege the main city and close the corridor, then mop up the rest. Keep the Volkssturm troops coming with some Fallschirmjäger airborne support.

KNOWN ISSUES & BUGS If you find a bug or exploit, please email me at [email protected]

- Singleplayer not supported! If DICE doesn't release some information about their AI, there won't be none. This is very sad, but the reverse engineering mapping community seems to have reached a deadend on this and I'm not smart enough either to figure it out. Send an email to DICE to complain. - Lightmaps in buildings are wierd. Frankly, I've run out of patience with this as new inside lightmaps seem to introduce a bug, the whole thing just vanishes at a distance. - If you parachute ontop of the large row of buildings near the ruined traintracks, you will die. - There seems to be lag when capturing a flag the first time, especially at Villeroux (this is because the objects spawning, there isn't much I can do about it). - Terrain sometimes isn't as smooth on curved surfaces as it should be.


1.1 Fixed: Controlpoint values (doh!) jagged Terrain bug leading to holes, improved accessability: takes now half the time to get somewhere removed too buggy ladders refueling planes at airport Added: some glas to streetlight where logical Panzer IV skin some frozen ground a huge trainbridge. Moved train tracks to historical correct position. more forrest Out-of-Combat area some more boards to climb onto Changed: Minimap updated reduced visiblity by 12,5% removed some tanks and other stuff Tiger skin more camouflaged Trees

1.0 120403 Beta Version for multiplayer. 0.1 220303 First testrun for Conquest.

CREDITS "Bastogne" a map for Battlefield1942 by Maik "Dan Taylor". Email me at [email protected] Alpha Testing and PR Dennis "Tool" Beta Testing, Bugfinders and Flawspotters: [BOT]Kugelfutter , [BOT] Yefimko, [BOT] Ed Hunter, [dns] FragZek, [dns] Patrick Bateman, [dns] MBuster, BW einfach, [BOT] Joe Astor, [BFX] Phøbøs »303«

The quotes are from an interview of the online excerpt "Mixed Nuts" from the book "A Mile in their shoes" ©2000 by Aaron Elson. It can be found at: http://www.tankbooks.com/intviews/bastogne/bastogne1.htm Thanks Bill Druback, Frank Miller, John Miller, Len Goodgal and Mickey Cohen for sharing the memories.

Made with Josh "Madbull"'s BF1942 Map Editor. We'll pay for your programming efforts in blood on the Rue de Madbull.

Tools' Preview Video can be downloaded here: http://bf1942.4players.de:1045/include.php?path=content/download.php&contentid=955 http://www.ausgamers.com/files/details/html/5686 http://www.fileplanet.com/dl.aspx?/planetbattlefield/bastogne_preview_movie.zip

Special thanks to the Perfectionist aka Mr Perfect for the best informations and a great reference list and Schwebepanzer for the best mapping tutorial out there.


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