Battle For Agedabia

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Fizzy has yet another great map that supports multiple game types.




Battle for Agedabia v1.0

This is a bf1942 map, each team has one uncapturable flag, there are five flags in and around the middle of the map to capture you need to hold four flags to create ticket bleed for your enemy.


In the early dawn of February 24, elements of the 3rd Recon Bn., "Advance Unit Wechmar" had probed towards El Agheila and exchanged fire with a British patrol, destroying three British scout cars in this initial contact between German and British troops in Libya. 
On March 19th Hitler awarded Rommel the Oak Leaves to the Knight's Cross, but gave him no instructions to hold back. Agedabia was to be his first target, and Benghazi the final objective of his spring campaign, but Rommel saw that Benghazi was indefensible and that the whole of Cyrenaica was ripe for picking. On March 24th the 3rd Recon Bn. made a reconnaissance in force on El Agheila, only to find that the British forces there had pulled back to Marsa el Brega. These new positions placed them in a defensive line between the Gulf of Sirte and impassable salt marshes to the west, about 50 miles from Agedabia. 
Knowing that if he waited for the final elements of 15th Panzer to arrive he would lose the initiative, Rommel decided that he would strike before the British could react to his probe and reinforce the Marsa el Brega line. The attack by 5th Pz.Regt went in early on March 30, but massed artillery fire halted them in their tracks. However, a more concerted attack the following day, supported with a flanking action by the 2nd Machinegun Bn. succeeded. Assisted by air support from their Stukas the attack continued throughout the day, and by late afternoon they had breached the 2nd Armored's line of defense. 
By April 2 the Afrika Korps, followed by the Ariete Armored Division and Brecia Infantry Division had reached Agedabia and taken about 800 prisoners.


> Co-Op
> Single Player
> Capture The Flag
> Conquest
> Team deathmatch


Just run the EXE and it will help you install the map.


Certain Skin's in the map may or may not have been made by me, you do NOT have permission to use my skin's or edit them in any way,
for all other legal information please read the terms and condition of use thru the EXE setup.

Author : fizzy
Email  : [email protected]
Website: www.fizzynet.net
If you have any question's about the map or you have a problem with it, feel free to contact me.
Please if you send me an email, Please make the subject "fizzynet.net" and i will get back to you as soon as i possibly can.

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