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Battle of Bilston

Battle of Bilston: A huge Desert Map German forces must infiltrate this large british compound used to hold stolen german vehicles. very we...


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Battle of Bilston: A huge Desert Map German forces must infiltrate this large british compound used to hold stolen german vehicles. very well made and lots of fun to play this is a mod so it must be activated before playing.

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Perfectionist Custom Level Design - Custom Levels for Battlefield 1942 


Title : Map #1 Battle of Bilston

Date : December 12th 2002

Download Content : Installer WIzard -

Author : Perfectionist Custom Level Design - Perfectionist (Mr_Perfect Blueyonder UK)

Email Address : Submit @ Website 

Website : http://www.perfectionist.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/leveldesign

Forum : www.battlefield1942.co.uk/forums   -General Editing-

Description : Check the Website for over 30 Screenshots of Ingame Footage and a collection of Development shots.


Gameplay Information 

Game type : Conquest,Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag  										
Players : 8-16, 16-32, 32-64

Vehicles : Over 14 Vehicles per side

Single player : No                                                                                                    
Weapons : Fully Authentic Battlefield 1942 Weapons/Objects/Materials


Installation Notes

1. Double Click Installer (Battle_Bilston.exe) 

2. Locate your  : Standard-C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\
                : or your custom installed Battlefield 1942 Directory

3.Once the Install has completed ,Check to see you now have a Directory Called "Perfectionist" in your /Mods Folder.

4.Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy, Look out for Newer Levels on the Website .


*** Possible Fix`s *** 

Please read and visit website to contribute our feedback and suggestions 

1. Possible re-release "if" Too many Vehicles cause Lag, I should think on a Reasonable Machine/Server/Dedicated everything should run fine like a Standard 2048 World size maps 


Named Credits

   Founder,Developer,Construction, : Perfectionist aka Mr_Perfect

   Director of S.O.P : Knocka aka Mr_Knocka

   Graphical Artist Work : Banton aka Mr_Banton 

   Gamers/Testers : Mr_Perfect : Mr_Knocka : Mr_Banton : Mr_D : Mr_Mbil : Mr_Till : Mr_Tune : Mr_Staggy : Mr_Tomo : Mr_Sweep : Mr_F :     Mr_T : Mr_Pidge : Mr_Tickle : Mr_Spills : Mr_Ste : Mr_Ringpull : Mr_Turkish

Special Thanxs : Moseley - RFA TOOLS and   Rexman -PLUGINS AND TOOLS


Copyright / Permissions
Feel free to distribute ,All I ask is you give credit where it's due Do not edit in anway ,

Copyright © 2002-2003, PAS, Inc. & Perfectionist Custom Level Design, All Rights Reserved.
PAS is a Partner of PS, Inc., Design-Digital.co.uk DD is a trademark of PAS/DD Services, Inc. 

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