Battle of Neretva



help in breakthrough to their Allied Friends, the well known Partisans. Their mission is to destroy two long range artillery pieces and the nearby german airfield, partisans have the full air support four fighters two russian yak-9 and two british spitfires, two russian dive bombers: the Illyushin and one american: b-17 Flying Fortress. For further historicall information the partisans had his own airforce which consisted of British Spitfires, Russian Yak-9, American Mustang P-51 and Russian Ilyushin Dive Bombers, but no B-17 Flying Fortress, it represents the Allied Mission Bomber Support during MTO Strategic Bombing Campaign that harmed the Yugoslavian and Balkan theater of operations. The Mediterranean Theater of Operations Bombing Campaign ended in the late 1944. But the main Allied or Yugoslavian Airforce Base was on the small island of Vis in Croatia, in the Adriatic Sea. They had a nice but small airfield that was ready for combat missions in every time when partisans needed the air support or to save the incoming bomber pilots that arrived from a Bombing Missions with a wrecked or damaged aircraft.This is first release of the map and if it is some incorrect, or has some bugs, don7t worry it will be released later a new updated and fixed map or you can wait the new release of the new Partisan Mod which has only Partisan Units and some new Allied Units that aren`t featured in the game. This map is a part of the project Partisan Mod by SAS_!9 Team which will be released in July 2010. For further informations, suggestions or to join the team contact us on E-mail:[email protected]. The goal of this map is the new terrain and new objective. Objective is to cross the bridge and to start or to stop the ticket bleed, that rule works for both teams. Partisans and British need to protect the Partisan improvised airfield and one MTO Campaign Aircraft, if the germans succeed to destroy the MTO Aircraft they win, Objective Mod, but the british need to destroy the heavy artillery first for win. In conquest mode is the objective to cross the bridge and capture it, but the german column needs to intercept them before they cross that bridge, but in a meanwhile the Allied can send the engineers to stop the german armoured column in their advance. This map was mentioned to be conquest assault but that will come in our new Mod. Capture the Flag has two objectives to capture the all flags or to control the bridge, whoever controls only that bridge wins in all types of engagement.UnitsBritish/Partisan:Seven Aircraft, American and Russian Supplies and some weapons, Infantry Support only, Air support for Allied purpose only-to destroy the fortified artillery.German:Whole airfield:number of aircraft unknown, Whole tank army in advance.number unknown, Infantry and Artillery Support, Anti-Aircraft Artillery.number unknown, Fortified Artillery:Two or more Bunkers with long range artillery pieces.License Agreement 1.01You as a primary user of this pruduct, you are not supposed to cut, sell or distribute this type of product without of owner.You as a primary user you can do some updates such as a coop or adding a skins or new sounds and units, for doing that you must the contact the author or owner of this product, and use their name first in credits and then yours for creating the coop mode for a map.Author:SAS_19 Team from Croatia.Place your map in the folder C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels.SAS_19 Team from Croatia.


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