Battle of the Philippine Sea

Now here's another very sexy map from Fizzy, this time based on the Battle of the Philippine Sea. I've played Fizzy's maps before and th...


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Now here's another very sexy map from Fizzy, this time based on the Battle of the Philippine Sea. I've played Fizzy's maps before and they were all top-notch, so I certainly wasn't disappointed when I saw this one and gave it a try.

The map is a small chain of islands, reminiscent of Invasion of the Philippines crossed with Coral Sea...not a bad mix at all :D. I fired up a coop server with 40 bots as recommended, joined the US team, and spawned on the carrier. I waited around a bit on deck to get my hands on the good ol' SBD (the bots spawn directly in the aircraft and landing craft as usual). Just as I envisaged, the 4 control points around the edges of the islands got taken first, 2 for each side. Then the fight bogged down on the center flag, with jeep runs, tank battles, and planes roaring overhead trying to blow you to pieces. On the ground, I ran out of ammo pretty quick and I couldn't find many ammoboxes near the middle during the hectic battle, so I had to keep knife-killing the bots and taking their Engineer kits to lay down more landmines. Because of the narrow roads and bridges leading to the central point, landmines are one of the most effective assets in this map, and I got a good number of jeeps, tanks, and APCs that way.

On the technical side, the map is flawless. I couldn't find any bugs whatsoever, I had no crashes and it ran very smoothly. View/fog distance is just right for dogfighting, and in Coop mode the bots are very good at doing their job. They'll land quickly on the beaches, cap the flags, and charge the central area while the planes overhead either dogfight, strafe infantry or bomb the tanks and APCs. And as you'll see from the screenshots, the map looks absolutely beautiful.

All in all, a top-notch map from Fizzy. I recommend EVERYONE download this and play it - it's an absolute stunner.

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Download 'battle_of_the_philippine_sea_v1.0.exe' (14.16MB)


Battle of the Philippine Sea v1.0

This map is for BF1942 and plays much like "Midway" with a bit of "Coral_sea",
In Conquest mode each side starts with four ships and included is one aircraft carrier each, the aircraft carrier is capable of lunching six aircraft per side,
there are six flags on the map two of the flags are in the water the other four are on the Islands.

In Co-Op/Single Player each side has one aircraft carrier only and is located closer to the Islands and is capable of lunching six aircraft per side as well, there are five flags on the Islands four at the corners of the Islands and one in the center.

I would also recommend that in single player you put the number of bots on about 245% or
more and in CO-OP about 40 players, if you put to few bots on game play will be a little 
slow going.


The Battle of the Philippine Sea was an air-sea battle of the Pacific campaign fought between the U.S. Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy on the 19th and 20th of June, 1944, off the Mariana Islands. The action was a disaster for the Japanese forces, who lost almost all of their carrier-borne aircraft and a third of the carriers involved in the battle. The aircraft carrier force of the IJN was no longer militarily effective.


> Co-Op
> Single Player
> Capture The Flag
> Conquest
> Team deathmatch


Just run the EXE and it will help you install the map.

Thanks to,
smig for the use of his custom objects.
You can check out smig's objects at

The skins in my map i got from,
thanks to the author's of the skins, good stuff,
>Tzunami< author of 100% Reality &quot;Corsair&quot; Skin.
>Tzunami< author of 100% Reality &quot;SBD Dive Bomber&quot; Skin.
>Jingo< author of 1st Marines Skin.
>Takasaki< author of Kokutai's Imperial Japanese Landing Force.



Certain Skin's in the map may or may not have been made by me,

you do NOT have permission to use my skin's or edit them in any way,
for all other legal information please read the terms and condition of use thru the EXE setup.

Author : fizzy
Email : [email protected]
If you have any question's about the map or you have a problem with it, feel free to contact me.
Please if you send me an email, Please make the subject &quot;; and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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