Battleaxe Buildings



To install these textures all you need to do is click on the auto install program. IMPORTANT : You need to have Merciless Texture sets installed on your system to make this work.

All of these textures were developed by Rebel Recreation's

“Operation "Battleaxe" was to be a far more serious encounter, and this time was truly aimed at reaching and relieving the Tobruk garrison. The British had managed to ram the "Tiger Convoy", with 238 new tanks, through the Axis defenses in the Mediterranean, and was now preparing for a decisive battle, that would destroy Rommel's armor once and for all.

At 2:30 in the morning of June 15th Wave2 launched "Battleaxe". Again it would be a two-pronged attack with the fast armored forces on the desert plateau aimed at Sidi Azeiz, and the heavier Matildas supporting infantry assailing Halfaya Pass from both below and above. Rommel's 15th Panzer Division, now complete and with 80 tanks, would have to counter this blow. The 5th Light Division was in reserve, and recuperating near Tobruk from its earlier forays. The well emplaced 88s and anti-tank guns on the Halfaya perimeter would destroy the Matildas of 4th Indian Division while they wallowed in a well prepared series of obstacles and minefields. However, by the end of the day the Halfaya garrison was cut off and short of supplies. On the plateau the 7th Armoured Division was successful in capturing Fort Capuzzo on June 15th, but 15th Panzer Division counter-attacked and eventually dislodged them, while suffering considerable losses. The 5th Light Division moved down to support the defenses on Hafid Ridge, and on the 16th swept south. The 7th Armd.Bde had blunted itself while challenging the German anti-tank screen on Hafid Ridge, and now fought a running battle with 5th Light right down to the Sidi Omar. The British had their hands full just trying to contain the German armor, and their forward momentum was now lost. This was the debut of the new British Crusader tanks, and their mechanical unreliability would prove their undoing. By the 17th the British had withdrawn south, and possesion of the battlefield went to the DAK. In a desperate attempt to ensnare the British armor, the 15th Pz.Div. looped south, but Wavell was one jump ahead. Two squadrons of Matildas held off the German armor for the better part of a day, while their Cruiser tanks withdrew south. THE SPOILS OF WAR: Here the battlefield again went to the Germans, and they were able to reclaim their damaged vehicles, along with guns, transport vehicles, and a goodly number of both Matildas and Crusaders. Wavell had lost 101 of his original 190 tanks, while the DAK had lost 12 destroyed and 50 damaged and recovered. In this file you will find:-

Main buildings redone Camo painted on axis bunkers Camo net on allied bunkers + shell holes aa gun and flak gun done new german flag + it's been made tatty Brits flag made tatty and some minor things done to sandbags and tank traps bf109 skined all carpets removed from buildings and a few other bits

LT.DEADPIE=ISK=/STUKA=ISK= Rebel Creations Team

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