BattleFeel 1942



BattleFeel 1942, a mod for EA's famous FPS game - BattleField 1942. Currently beta, can run in singleplayer and multiplayer mode, but co-op maybe more fun and fit.



Hi, there: 

    So this is it! After approximate six month hard work, the BattleFeel 1942 mod was nearing finished. It is concentrate to release the maximum potentiality of the original BattleField 1942 game. Attempt to let you have realistic feeling of fight in real battlefield. Guns, aerial crafts, vehicles, and ships... they look familiar, but now can do very much more stuff than before. A list of these meticulous changes will be very large, and still be adding. If you have any idea or comment, please contact me. YOU ARE WELCOMED! 

    <Install Advice>: 

    !!!Please remember to backup these files before replace them!!!

&quot;objects.rfa&quot; (x:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsbf1942Archives) and 

&quot;game.rfa&quot; (x:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 1942Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942)

which in your installed BF1942 Path. 

    Copy unziped objects.rfa and game.rfa to above path separately, and enjoy!

    Please be advised in until you restore these two files with the original ones, you will not be able to play the game online anymore like before, so be cautious. If it cause trouble (as far as I know it won&apos;t), you may need to reinstall the whole game, sorry for that...

    Any maps which come with BF1942 itself or distributed by EA officially will continual work fine. But some maps which had too much self-customized content, like soldierkit, non-appropriate objects... will cause the game crash. It&apos;s a sad pitty, and again, sorry for this. It will not be fixed until someone rebuild these maps to fit the mod. 

    Whatever like or hate this mod, you may contact me at <[email protected]>, GOOD LUCK!

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