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Happy New Year!

Here is a new build of our BattleFeel 1942 Anthology mod, it supports multiplayer! Please enjoy!



Welcome back, Commander: 

     Good News: From this version the BattleFeel 1942 Anthology mod starts to support Multiplayer Online Playing. 

     BattleFeel 1942 Anthology is a light-weight level mod that combines specifics of the Battlefield 1942 trilogy, and aims to describe a much familiar but real different battlefield in 1940s, and more fun factors. 


     V1.0 users have to download and install this version (v1.01) to gain ability of fight online, it means version 1.0 has to had been abandoned, due to the change of the file folders&apos; structure... we may launch an independent patch for v1.0 for those who rather stay in a solitary mod. 

1. First please ensure you have three components of the Battlefield 1942 trilogy installed properly, and all upgraded to the newest version (commonly v1.61), that means there should be three folders in your Battlefield 1942 &quot;mods&quot; folder: 


!!!Note!!! - If you don&apos;t have either RR or SW expansion pack, please don&apos;t attempt to try this mod, it will never work! 

2. Please unzip the folder from the downloaded package, and place it in Battlefield 1942 &quot;mods&quot; folder, which commonly should be: 

x:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 1942Mods

The shortcut example can be directly put on your desktop, you just need to check and change the drive letter of its property, if you have your Battlefield 1942 installed not in default &quot;C&quot; drive. 

Or you can start it by choose it and click &quot;Activate&quot; in &quot;Custom Game&quot; tab in game. 

!!!Note!!! - BattleFeel 1942 Anthology v1.0 and the former BattleFeel 1942 mod beta1 are NOT REQUIRED. But if you already installed them, there is no need to uninstall them, they will not influence with BattleFeel 1942 Anthology Online v1.01, and please don&apos;t get confused with them. 

3. All original EA Maps will be supported and run well, include 21 BF1942 maps, 6 BF1942RR maps, and 9 BF1942SW maps. If you still feel these maps not enough, please download the map pack for v1.01 BattleFeel 1942 Anthology, which add 8 more maps. Also you can post us and tell the favourite maps&apos; name, we or some nice dude will work on it, thanks! 

4. The Coop mode of &quot;Invation of the Philippines&quot; on dedicated server has limitations, since imperfect or incompatible designs, it will cause clients jump to desktop when loading it from a coop mode dedicated server. A suggestion will be exclude this map when creating a coop mode dedicated server, but it should work fine in conquest mode, as far as we know for now... 

<Map Improvements>

     Bocage: Resolve new configuration not work and jump to desktop when load. 

     Coral Sea: Use original one to replace Op. Homecoming, the latter has been add into map pack. 

     Gazala: German will have Bf. 110 available if they can occupy &quot;Frontline Bunker&quot; controlpoint for a while. 

     Operation Market Garden: Use C-47 to replace B-17, not P-51 else. 

     Raid on Agheila: Some minor fixes. 

<Appendix Map List> - Notice there are several maps does NOT support COOP mode on Dedicated Server! 

1. BF1942 (21 maps) : 

     Battle of Britain

     Battle of Midway

     Battle of the Bulge



     Coral Sea

     El Alamein



     Invation of the Philippines - COOP mode on Dedicated Server NOT work

     Iwo Jima



     Liberation of Caen

     Omaha Beach

     Operation Aberdeen

     Operation Battleaxe

     Operation Market Garden



     Wake Island

2. BF1942RR (6 maps) : 

     Battle for Anzio

     Battle for Salerno

     Monte Cassino

     Monte Santo Croce

     Operation Baytown

     Operation Husky

3. BF1942SW (9 maps) : 

     Eagle&apos;s Nest


     Gothic Line


     Kbely Airfield



     Raid on Agheila

     Telemark Research Base

<If you have any idea or questions, please contact us at [email protected]. Thanks! >

Happy New Year! 
The BattleFeel Team
Jan, 2009

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