Battlefield 1918



Hello soldiers! It is finally the day! Sorry that we were a little late on the post, but to get you up to date, this is Battlefield 1918. A total conversion modfication for the one and only Battlefield 1942. Read on to see the features soldiers!


-Battlefield 1942(tm) modification about the First World War -First public release -2 nations - Germany and France -new Player models -new character classes -completely new weapons, vehicles and airplanes -historical background as basis -changed Gameplay -new physics for all vehicles and airplanes -nine different Custom maps in different execution, from trench combats to air battles -detailed and realistic models and skins -extensive internal Balancing System for weapons and vehicles -new In-Game menu, ajar against the proven Battlefield 1942 menu with graphic adjustments -complete symbol and icon system, almost all original icons were replaced -new sounds for almost all vehicles and weapons -own AI system, to converted Battlefield 1942 maps offer full support

Gameservers: - NGZ Server - 16 Player - NGZ Server - 16 Player - NGZ Server - 32 Player - NGZ Server - 32 Player - NGZ Server - 16 Player

Well, enough said...get to downloading this now soldiers! See ya on the battlefield!



Just run the installer and make sure its extracting to your Battlefield1942/Mods folder!  Then you are done and then its time to go play!

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