Battlefield 1918 - Full Client Files



A few minutes later than annouced we now release the patch 2.6 for BF1918. Unfortunately we noticed an online-gaming bug with "Battleaxe" which we couldn't fix in a few hours. But as we said, this won't be the last patch.



Battlefield 1918 v2.6 Patch Changelog:

- Fixed bug where user would be invincible if he were using a stationary machine gun post.
- Vickers 360 machine gun now works at the correct angle of rotation.
- Missing textures have been added.
- Missing map descriptions have been added.
- Map: Battle of Mons, the flag capture point is back at the church tower.
- Map: Battle of the Vosges, flying objects fixed, mortar added, underground spawnpoints fixed.
- Map: Battleaxe, Once more Germans vs British, static objects added,height map imported,
parabellum substitute to MG15, vehicles now similar to the fighting nations.
- Map: Bocage, balloon flags readded, trees with leafs again.
- Map: Carriere, fly objects fixed, munition support improved, map name changed to HillBilly2 again.
- Map: Champ de Feu, base flags can only be capped with two people now.
- Map: Desert Winds, swapped spawns bug fixed.
- Map: La Grand Bataille, thumb nail added.
- Map: Langemarck, grey textures fixed, sandhill brown again.
- Map: Mont Kemmel, spawn point roulette fixed, missing bunkers added.
- Map: Nebelberg, barb wire at hill is once more transparent, trees with leafs again.
- Map: Nuit Dorage, made a night map again.
- Map: Sere de Riveres, flying objects fixed, missing leafs on trees fixed.
- Map: Tobruk 1918, height map re-imported, Germans arise again in desert camo.
- Map: Toska, object spawns re-added.
- Map: Villers, missing leafs added back to trees.

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