Battlefield 1942™: Attrition



Hey Soldiers! Here is a new mod by Mr. Bad. Great Job on the mod Mr.Bad and Good Luck on other mods! Happy Fragging Everyone!



Read Me
Battlefield 1942™: Attrition
Version 1.45
July 17, 2004
Contact Information
-Email: [email protected]
First of all thank you for taking an interest in my mod and trying it out. This read me file contains all the information regarding this mod and the features within.
New Features
-None at this time
-This modification consists currently with one simple change. All official map have been altered to remove ticket bleed. Let me explain, currently BF1942 has a ticket bleed system in which you capture a certain number of control points and the other teams tickets start to fall or “bleed.”
-This Mod does not have ticket bleed. Control points are for tatical purposes only.Meaning if your team controls all “captureable” points the other teams tickets will not fall. The only exception to this are maps like Aberdeen where all points are capturable without an uncaptureable. I this case once all points are taken and all players on the losing side are killed the other team wins.
- Hard pressed intense single and Multiplayer action.
- Original Music replaced with a mix of the original and the Omaha track from the "Saving Private Ryan" soundtrack.
- A few of the vehicles are redone to correct some obvious oversites by   EA/Dice, i.e. B-17 & all jeeps.
- Destroyers no longer have exculded postions, i.e Machine guns. 
- More apropriate AA solutions for destroyers.
-Because of the way this mod is designed it is advisable to not increase intial ticket values above 100% because maps can last a half an hour or more.
Legal Information
-This modification is provided "as-is" please do not contact me to flame me and tell me that this mod stinks and to change it or live in a cave. Users may use and alter this mod in ways that they deem fit, but please contact me with your idea & give me some credit for my work.
Third Party Legal Information
-Battlefield 1942 uses Bink Video Technology. 
-Copyright © 1997-2000 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.
DICE Copyright
-Copyright © 2003 Digital Illusions CE AB. 
Change Log
	Version updated to 1.45
	Fletcher & Hatsuzuki class destroyers have MG's replaced by 		Oerlikon's and postions created.
	Desktop icon created.
	B-17 additional MG's postion and rotations tweaked.
	Black Medal changed to a 4 seater.
	B-17 outfitted with 3 additional MG's Tail/Rear Left/Rear Right.
	Willy & Kubelwagen changed to 4 seaters
	Ingame menu texture files remade.
	Internet is back, release is iminant!
	Altered menu buttons alpha to remove shine on edges
	Menu window/screens process complete.
	Pathing issue in map loading screens corrected.
	Menu window/screens remake process started.
	Version updated to 1.25
	Thumbnail pictures replaced with custom ones.
	Custom load screens added to all original maps.
	Server info icon removed in all maps and custom game screen
	Read me file updated to include warnings.
	version 1.0 released delay till further notice due to internet outage.
	Mod version 1.0 released
	Read me File created.
	Original Game music altered to include gun fire and bullet sounds
	Server info icon placed in all maps and custom game screen
	Main window background replaced with custom background
	Maps altered to remove ticket bleed.

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