Battlefield 1942 v1.45 Full Linux Server Files

This is the Linux Server Patch, version 1.45


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This is the Linux Server Patch, version 1.45

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Download 'bf1942_lnxded-1.45.tar.bz2' (66.89MB)

Battlefield 1942 free dedicated Linux server version 1.45 

- Compatible with 1.45 and Secret Weapons. 
- Added Battle of Britain to the standard set of maps. 
- Added +overlayPath option to specify an alternate directory to hold the Logs/ and Settings/ directories. 
- Added support for player banning via CD keys hashes. 
- Added support for priority changing during map loading. 
- Allows resizing of the status monitor on X11 terminals. 
- Fixed bug where settings for reserved slots were lost after map change. 
- Fixed obscure objective replication bug. 
- Enabled size optimizations for certain files to reduce overall binary size. 
- Added measurement of how much the server works and sleeps during it's main loop updates. The number is displayed in the bottom right of the status monitor. A 10% utilization means that the server is sleeping 90% of each simulation cycle (at the current FPS).
- Changed main loop timings yet again. This time I went for stability rather than performance. This version shouldn't fall behind CPU-wise on slower servers. 
- Rewrote compression output loop that might have corrupted large XML log files. 
- XML logging format version 1.1: 
- Fixed spelling errors (`vehicle' was spelled `vechicle') 
- Added player CD key hashes to the log for Internet games. This is useful to track information connected to a certain user regardless of player name. 
- All changes from the 1.4 series apply as well. 
- Other bug fixes not really visible to end users.

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