Battlefield 1942 Trailer (Features)



Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, this one's chock full of more enticing moments from Battlefield 1942. The video quality is a little grainy but it has another good musical track playing throughout and we get to see some more views from the bomber's belly gun, an unlucky jeep finding a well placed mine, and even a triple cannon salute from a battleship (or what I think is a battleship). The trailer also lets us in on some of the features of BF1942 mentioning how many playable vehicles there will be, number of handheld weapons to choose from, etc.

There's also a Quicktime movie now of the same trailer with better visual quality and a smaller total filesize, but it doesn't have the occasional listing of features that this one does. It's appropriately called "Battlefield 1942 Trailer (No Features)" and you can get it here.

Enjoy. :) 4901_a.jpg 4901_b.jpg 4901_c.jpg 4901_d.jpg


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