Battlefield Pro



Hey there soldiers! Nope, its not Desert Combat, but dont worry, we are getting close :)

This is the latest version of the famous Battlefield competition mod, Battlefield Pro. This new release packs a punch with new maps, features, and more. So download it now and have some fun! See ya on the battlefield soldiers!



The purpose of this mod is to enhance the game with necessary tweaks that will improve matchplay and all aspects of competition. There were 3 main functions of the .7 version. 1) to make a nice installer. 2) To add some well tested custom maps. 3) To make Road to Rome fun again with patches. 

The stock BF1942 maps can be played with the BFPro gameplay changes, and the BFPro maps can be played in stock BF1942. Obviously, for the best competitive experience, you should use both :>

This version is a full version of BfPRo that includes the Vanilla maps, RtR maps and 12 new custom maps. Stay tuned at BfPro for future updates. Get an account at www.BfPro.com to help leade the direction of BfPro. We take in suggestions, offer up suggestions and throw up polls on ideas we have, so join up and help direct your gaming future.

1. Go to your default Battlefield Installation and delete the BFPro folder. If for some reason you need to keep it, simply rename the folder.
2. Double click on the install file and click ok.

<b>Gameplay Changes</b>:
Note: All stock maps will also have these gameplay changes while on a BFPro server.
1. Wrench repair rate reverted to rate from BF1942 1.5 and previous versions.
2. Grenades/Landmines/Exppacks resupply from ammoboxes and APCs much slower.
3. Snipers now have 5 clips instead of 3.
4. Fighter planes now carry 10 bombs instead of 15.
5. Reduced all AA gun's hitpoints, now they explode with one bomb.
6. Flags changed to Transparent dots which allow you to see friendlies under the flag. 

For map changes, see the documentation included with each map download.

<b>The BFPro Team (At Release Date of .7)</b>
=BTG= Helo
Andural69 KC|W
:r: Beta
Dr NoDice
=WS= Grim
pdx Postal

<b>Past members</b>:
CAL-BF|Polan ([20ID]ginc)

<b>People that have helped BfPro</b>:
Havoc - Battle for Korsun
Sauron - Big thanks for the Clearpoints
aLLpLay (sureservers.net) - for providing hosting space and bandwidth.

And a shoutout to all those that came to the pugs to help test custom maps. A bigger shoutout to those that gave steady input on the maps and what can be done to them.

<b>Aberdeen Pro (for 10v10 or 8v8)</b>:
1. Removed one tank from the east and west control points
2. Main base is now uncapturable
- Note: Third heavy tank and APCs removed, they will likely be in an ALT version

<b>Battleaxe Pro</b>:
1. Main base vehicles moved behind buildings
2. Jeeps added to main bases
3. Plane spawns moved slightly (Axis planes are further apart, etc.)
4. Airfield spawns are closer to planes
5. Sandbags in front of allied planes adjusted

<b>Battle of the Bulge Pro</b>:
1. Axis main base now has 2 selectable spawn points (one for the Tiger)
2. APC added to axis main base
3. Windmill light tank moved to the south bridge point
4. Replaced one APC in allied main base with a jeep

<b>Bocage Pro</b>:
1. Main bases now have 3 selectable spawn areas
2. Building added to east bridge area

<b>El Alamein Pro</b>:
1. Rearranged AA guns in main bases (3 per base now)
2. Added jeep to east control point
3. Replaced heavy tanks with light tanks

<b>Gazala Pro</b>:
1. AA gun positions in both main bases modified slightly (closer to the planes)
2. One AA gun added to each southern starting point
3. Guard towers with MGs added - one to each southern starting point, two to the northern point
4. One AA gun removed from the north point, the other one moved slightly

<b>Guadalcanal Pro</b>:
1. Airfield spawns tweaked
2. Village control point now has a defgun, an AA gun, and 2 towers with MGs

<b>Iwo Jima Pro</b>:
1. Airfield now has 2 selectable spawns, one for planes
2. Made the spawn radius smaller
3. Allied carrier moved to southwest corner
4. Allied battleship moved to southwest coast of island (cannot shoot airfield vehicles at the start)

<b>Kharkov Pro</b>:
1. Main bases now have 3 selectable spawns
2. Main bases now have 2 AA guns each
3. Main bases now have 2 jeeps and 1 APC (previously 2 APCs and 1 jeep)
4. MGs removed from east and west control points
5. AA guns removed from middle control point
6. Removed one artillery from the middle control point
7. 2 MGs added to middle control point
8. Only one bomber spawns in the main bases (previously two)
9. Out-of-bounds region pushed back to the edge of the map

<b>Kursk Pro</b>:
1. Main bases now have 3 selectable spawns
2. Main bases now have 2 AA guns and one MG each
3. AA gun removed from east control point
4. Removed one artillery from east control point
5. Only one bomber spawns in the main bases (previously two)
6. Out-of-bounds region pushed back to the edge of the map

<b>Market Garden Pro</b>:
1. Main bases now have 2 selectable spawns
2. Main base vehicles moved slightly
3. Axis start the round with all of the control points.
4. B17 removed from Allied main base.
5. Sherman tanks moved from church to Allied main base.
6. Light tank spawn added to center flag.

<b>Stalingrad Pro</b>:
1. Many ammoboxes removed from the map to reduce spam
2. One ammobox added to each hotel
3. Railroad tracks removed and replaced by tank traps (those spiky things)
4. Railroad car height tweaked
5. Main bases have selectable spawn areas

<b>Tobruk Pro</b>:
1. Tiger moved slightly to prevent pixelaiming on it at the start of a round
2. Most sections of barbed wire in front of the frontline bases removed to prevent tank bouncing
3. Some tank obstacles added

<b>Wake Pro</b>:
1. AA gun near allied airfield moved slightly
2. Allied airfield now has 2 selectable spawn points (one near the planes)
3. Axis boats start further from the island (prevents pixeaiming at the start)

<b>RtR Mappack</b>:
Note that RtR can not be run in the BfPro mod. We can not legally distribute the maps with the objects as well. But we can still make the maps more fun to play

Global change - Remvoed all standard RtR tanks and replaced them with vanilla tanks.

<b>Anzio Pro</b>:
- Moved plane into hangar 
- Moved artillery behind building 
- Organized/sorted spawn locations 

<b>Baytown Pro</b>: 
- Sorted base spawn locations 
- Flak added at main base/airfield 
- Removed 2nd bomber 
- Added tanks to rear bases 

<b>Cassino Pro</b>: 
- Added 3 additional spawn locations to Allied main base 
- Added a wall to protect Allies from pixel-aiming 
- Moved vehicles to protect from pixel-aiming 

<b>Husky Pro</b>: 
- Replaced Destroyer with Battleship 
- Reduced beach flag radius 
- Organized player spawns 
- Organized vehicle spawns 

<b>Salerno Pro</b>:
- Created 3 main base spawn locations (airfield, side 1, side 2) 
- Added 2 APC's to each main base for AA use (or whatever) 
- Organized player spawn locations at all flags 

<b>Santo Croce Pro</b>:
- Added a hangar to each main base 
- Placed both planes inside the hangar 
- Added 3 spawn locations to each main base 
- Add flak to main 
- Added a mountain between the main base exits to prevent pixel-aiming/pinning 
- Removed arty from main base

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